The web designers are always called to use their creativity for making innovative and captivating designs. The fact is, the appearance of what is called minimalism and flat design is the result. These are two schools of web design and they use, indeed, different techniques. Typography is another concept which treats an important element of the website content. The interaction between these three concepts may be important since the content in the two styles of web design varies. It is expected that typography varies depending on what type of design it is involved with. The trick is to know which design type is more affected by the typography and determine the interaction level.

Minimalism in web design:

The term minimalism is used in more than one field. It means to use only what is necessary for the accomplishment of the particular tasks. In web design, the term is used to designate the trend that aims to reduce the use of codes (HTML, Scripts…) to the use of what is just essential to the better functioning of the website. This trend is based on the use of the simplest designs, the simplest applications, and the simplest images. But it is important to say that simplicity has attractiveness.

Flat design and its properties:

Flat design is a type of minimalistic design. Instead of getting rid of the unnecessary elements as would happen in the basic minimalistic design, the flat design will consider the usability of the product. Thus, it is based on the use of definite colours with definite shapes. The icons and the simple illustrations are the basic tools of the flat designs. Here again, the use of the simplest tools leads to amazing works.

Typography in web design:

Typography designates the typeface field. It refers to the font types that the designers may opt for in order to create the desired harmony with the overall design. In fact, the font type and style are important since they are made up to contribute to conveying the message of the business. The typeface can be custom and a freshly made one. This is the work of the freelance web designer Singapore who may think that none of the available typefaces fits the requirements.


Typography in the minimalistic web design:

The minimalistic web design uses the minimalistic typefaces. Indeed, there are differences between the styles in the minimalistic context, yet each typeface and each style has its impact. The use of the finest typeface with the thinnest and the less consuming styles –in memory of course- will be the best candidate.

Typography in flat web design:

Flat design, perhaps, is not based on typography. The fact is when typography helps to create a simple and meaningful representation, it may be used; Like when you use it in the icons and to shape a drawing. The chromatic typefaces are the best example of the fusion of typography with the flat web design.


The minimalistic web design seems to be the ancestor of the flat web design. Both design types are using the minimalist approach to reduce the web design to the use of only the essential elements. Since typography produces important elements to use in the websites, the typefaces, it may undergo the principles of each type of web design. The fusion has indeed created the type design.