According to a recent research, the use of mobile applications is responsible for more than 50% of the time spent by the users on the digital media. The mobile app industry is growing and can gross for about billions of revenues each year across the world. With more than 85% of users who would prefer the mobile apps instead of mobile websites, more businesses would start to make a big leap and consider this for their products and services.


Whether you want to plan for your fitness journey, play games, plan schedules for you and family members, budget, listen to music, boost your business, shop online, or anything that you want to do – it is already possible with a mobile application to use. However, it doesn’t mean that all mobile applications are destined and designed for success.


Do You Need Mobile App?


Even before you start in design the application, you need to ask yourself if you think that you really need one. There are different markets for application and it makes more sense if you can create a mobile optimized website. It can let you target various platforms at once than a single mobile that will require a lot of processing depending on iOS, Android and other operating systems.


However, if you really think that mobile apps are great for your business and your competitors are already in there, then you don’t want to fall behind the trend.


The Basics of Mobile App Design


Before anything else, it’s important to know the ultimate purpose of the application. Why you need? What is the purpose of your mobile app? This can give you a better knowledge on the things you need to do and possibly have thoughts on what you’d like to build. Aside from that, make sure that you will think about the following:


  • Colors and shades. Each of us follow certain colors and shades that can identify our business and this is equally important for our mobile application. You have to build one that makes it ideal for your needs.
  • The key of mobile application is the consistency. There can be different resolutions, screen sizes and pixel densities and you need to follow a consistency to show off more of your brand.
  • Clickable and layout area. Another thing to consider is that for you to check the layout area and make it more convenient for the users.