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Need a mobile app for your business but overwhelmed by the sheer difficulty of building and learning app tutorials in Java or Swift?

Let us build it for you. Unlike other agencies who claim that they can build an app for you at this price, we build our apps in house and do not outsource our development to a third world country.

Imagine your users downloading your app instead of relying on 3rd party apps for sales. Don’t lower your standards and build your own competitive advantage by getting your own app.

Benefits of getting your own app developed by a freelance web designer singapore are many.

These are just a few benefits:

  • You have FULL control over your advertising
    • you do not need to adhere to 3rd party app’s restrictions
    • you do not need to bid high for lucrative positions
    • you do not need to waste money on their “advertising” units
  • You can have FULL creative control
    • the advertising strategies in your own app is countless
    • you can utilise all the mobile native features like push notifications to your users
    • Add your own creatives
    • Add your own background color
    • Align your brand colors, you do not have to compromise your theme based on the 3rd party app
  • Launch App specific promotions to mobile users
  • Lots of fun ideas for your marketing and sales department
  • You can test on app store paid ads. You can’t do that with 3rd party ads because they may have no incentive to do so
  • Vital analytics data of your users. You are able to know who installed, who deleted your app.

Try our mobile hybrid app development services in Singapore today!