The regular internet users may not notice the changes in trends, but it’s always happening and web designers need to stay updated. Any website that has been designed with trends that are no longer followed will certainly be disadvantaged. Let’s take a look at some new trends in web design that any designer should look out for.


Some new trends in web design:

  1. Responsive design is a trend that one should definitely know about. Although it may not be classed as a “new trend” but what seems is that this trend is definitely going to stay in future! This is because an increasing number of users are accessing websites through their mobiles and tablets and it’s important for any website to function properly on mobile, similar to the desktop site. Otherwise, the web traffic to the website will face negative consequences as users will not be able interested in visiting the website. It also saves a lot of time and money as one will not need to create a separate mobile site for the original website, as with responsive design, the website will automatically scale itself to fit the mobile screen and offer easy navigation.
  2. Adding original illustration is another new trend that will help the website to stand out. Although you can get free illustrations and photos online, it will not help your website to stand out. This is why owners of websites are looking for custom made illustrations that will help the website to be different from others. It also helps to strengthen the brand.
  3. To make a website more interactive, animations are here to save them! A fully static website may seem dull and the solution to this is to add a simple animation to make the website interesting. Animations can be used in the website in various ways. You can add it as the website background, or as images. It will help to convey the message in an interactive way to the user without diverting their attention.
  4. Another trend that many websites are opting for is using chatbots. It is a small pop up window, located at the screen’s bottom right side. It helps to answer any questions that any visitor may have. As it can be quite challenging to get someone always to be there to answer the questions. You can easily program it to offer the answers of the most common questions regarding services offered by the business. You can also program the chatbot to give out the further details on contacting the live representative if the bot doesn’t have the answer to any specific question.
  5. Another popular trend that is common with mobile websites and app is hamburger icon. It offers the menu by taking up the least space, making it a popular option to follow. When any user clicks on this icon, it will open up the website menu. Increasing numbers of users are familiar with this icon. It is an important element to add to the website if the website is to be designed with minimalist design.