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The online game platforms are an interesting type of websites. They are places where people can load and play games interactively with no need for downloads. They are therefore made up with particular features allowing a high number of users at once. Moreover, there are some platforms that offer games where more than one player can participate and play in groups. The funny advantages hide serious risks though. These websites are susceptible to attacks since they permit long sessions, and long sessions create breaches in the networks. Besides, these online game platforms use databases where they store the users’ data. In other words, these websites have serious security concerns.

The anatomy of online game platforms:

An online game platform is a website that supports playing games without needs for downloads. The players are able to use their control tools (keyboard, mouse…) to execute the commands of the game. Usually, the online game platforms are built with a flash player which is essential to interact with the game. Registered users are allowed to save the progression. The basic property of the online game platforms is that they require a large bandwidth in order to handle the traffic that may be generated through the website.

Types of games offered by the online game platforms:

There are many types of online games. Mainly, arcade games are the most represented. They are bi-dimensional and they are easier to handle. Actually, they do not require much scripting and they are not heavy in a matter of loading speed. There are also some three-dimensional games.

On the other hand, online games can be categorised as single-player games or multi-player games. The categorisation based on the topic or the audience (strategic, adventure, girls…) influences the general layout of the website built by a freelance web designer Singapore. Generally, online game platforms have the store-like look websites.

The major security concerns:

The online game platforms are, however, facing security threats. Most of them are related to breaches in the SWF players. These security issues are mainly described as follow:

  • Hacks: the hacking issues are made possible because of the online state of the players. This can offer hackers the possibility of hijacking your system.
  • Identity theft: the criminals proceed by hijacking the identity of the players then use the sensitive data to grant themselves access to the database. The online game platform is then facing the major threat of corruption or destruction.
  • Fake games: these are the programs that hide some malicious codes within the real code. The principle is to pin the malicious app in the system once the players launch the game.

Solving security concerns:

It is important to know that the secure connection is the best preventive way. Online game platforms have to ensure the highest stealthiness for their users. In this context, users are also urged to browse carefully and to click only on trusted games and trusted links.

Besides, the advanced technology will help identify the malware and notify the users before they get caught in.


The topic of security concerns for the online game platform is indeed an important topic to deal with. There are many authors and researcher who attempted to propose some resolutions. However, the race between cybercriminal and good people is still on.