Browsing the web pages may require you to go scroll down or to scroll up. The developers have created some scripts that introduce particular behavior on the page while scrolling, using the arrows buttons or the page cursor or whatever scrolling command. The parallax scroll reports on a script involving the particular behavior of the content regarding the background. This particular scrolling method may be preferred in some businesses, whereas it wouldn’t be suitable for some others. Actually, this scrolling technique may have an impact on the browsing experience and may impact the overall success of the website. To find out, it is important to know the main advantages and the major’s downsides of this particular scrolling technique.

Introducing the parallax scroll:

The parallax scroll is a way of scrolling the content of the website along with the background layer. This method is characterized by the scrolling speed of the content layers versus the scrolling speed of the background layer, this way the background would have a different behavior, especially from the classical background behavior. It has an upper limit and a lower limit, it allows preserving the footer of the web page at its initial position.

Achieving the parallax scroll:

The parallax scroll is achieved by four different methods. The repeating pattern method, the layered method, the sprite method, and the raster method. These methods are used in order to create particular effects that can go from the fixed position of the background image to the slideshow effects. The idea is to create independent containers for the background images and then control the transitions to perform with a script. The four methods can, therefore, be applied without altering the main content.

Besides, the freelance web designer Singapore can use the HTML and CSS3 properties to achieve the parallax, they can couple them to JavaScript in order to make the scrolling effect more effective. Thus, the use of the JQuery can simply add a more realistic movement for the parallax scrolling and create more obvious depth effects to the overall scrolling effects.

Pros of the parallax scroll:

The parallax scrolling has some advantages. Besides the enhanced ergonomics and the animated background, the parallax scroll advantages are:

  • A guided browsing session.
  • A reduced number of pages.


Cons of the parallax scroll:

Although the parallax scrolling adds some aesthetics to the website, this scrolling technique can generate unwanted outcomes if it is not applied as it should be. In fact:

  • Implementing a parallax scroll on the website may impact the loading speed; users are likely to quit the browsing session.
  • The parallax can’t be applied on websites with a huge load of content for browsing will require much scrolling.
  • Parallax scrolling with a lot of graphics and visual materials can be Users would have a hard time identifying their needs and will definitely quit and go checking somewhere.


The parallax scroll is definitely the result of the efforts of the developers in order to offer the users the best browsing experience. Indeed, they have managed to create an animated design that offers the good look and adds a particular effect to the overall ergonomics of the website. However, the weight of the scripts that allow the parallax scroll, as well as their specificity, may be disadvantageous. Using the parallax scroll on the website have to obey the UX principles and shouldn’t be applied everywhere.