In every company or business entity it is important to know and strategise properly the best way to deliver the services in order to stand out and be effective. One of the major fuels needed to be managed is money and everything related to it, especially when employees are involved. For this reason, a payroll software Singapore has been established to help with the smooth running of business. Therefore, this article will explain what this software is and outline its benefits to the users.   

So, what is Payroll Software Singapore? Well, this is a software that is web-based and is specifically created to help companies to run their payroll processes in an automated manner especially those based in Singapore. In addition, speaking of Singapore, the software has also been designed to meet all the legal requirements of Singapore government.

The software is a very simple and smart gift that business companies, big and small can use in meeting their weekly or monthly activities of the HR payroll. 

Now how do business owners or companies benefit from the use of payroll software Singapore? Okay! The benefits are quite many, and such include the following;

The software has a provision for multi company management as well as multi-user access. This makes managing payroll activities for a number of companies easily, both for big and small companies. So, it limits no one at all.

Another benefit includes the fact that a company can manage to handle all payroll system modes such as the hourly, weekly, monthly or even bi-monthly activities respectively.

This software is also ideal to the users as it allows them to keep track of major changes among the members of staff such as promotions and changes in career. Not only that, but it also makes it easy to conduct audits within the company in relation to employees.

Payroll software Singapore is very useful in undertaking unlimited user defined pay elements, which include allowances and deductions that can be put in place to affect selected employees. In addition, the user can also use the software to assign particular percentages of the salary into two different bank accounts.

The software is designed with a portal/ app that can be accessed by employees to see their previous pay-slips, which can easily be printed out or even get shared with a password using the email as well as WhatsApp at any time a need arises such as when one wants to get a loan.

The company can as well forward pay-slips that are protected with a password to as many employees as possible with a single click.

Do you ever have challenges keeping data for the employees? Forget that experience, because the payroll software Singapore has all that covered for you. You can use it to set up an automatic backup routine, where all data is backed up with ease whether you remembered to do it or not. The system has got your back.

In a nutshell, using payroll software Singapore has made HR activities easier. You no longer need to continue having unnecessary errors or even waste more time in making your entries, because the software has all that covered for you.