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PHP is a powerful tool for web design. In fact, its easy integration into html code is one important feature that allows anyone to master it. Moreover, the server-side property of this tool adds some points in the ranking scale of security level of the script. It is also the easiest language to include database queries in order to create a dynamic website, facilitating updates and granting a certain level of interactivity with users. The famous MySQL database handler or manager is the most used by the community of web designers and freelance web designer singapore is the high favourite candidate to work with


Introducing PHP:

PHP was launched as a simple common gateway interface. Through time, this simple but very useful scripting protocol has gained the qualification of distinguished programming language. It is a server side running program and it can be embedded into html code but it requires particular modules to run properly. The development of PHP continues and nowadays it is possible to perform complex computing after introducing “function” syntaxes. It  is an open source language and it is portable, which means it runs on any platform.

MySQL connectivity of PHP:

PHP can easily access most of databases and notably MySQL database. Actually, MySQL is a widely used database handler that can run perhaps on all platform; the security level is not to doubt and the easy employment is also a great property. This database manager offers several properties such portability and multi-user property.

Coupling PHP to MySQL is an advantageous option. In fact, embedding MySQL queries within PHP lines has revolutionized database management. Both are indeed the ideal solution for handling huge data flow accessed by high traffic generators.  MySQL is effectively used as syntaxes belonging to the code lines of PHP. PHP can then use query results directly and simply by affecting values to variables.


Security Features of PHP/MySQL:

PHP and MySQL are very secure protocols. PHP code lines are visible for the web developer; since this language is a server side running language, users can only see the generated html code and never the original code. Therefore, particular scripts, such checker scripts and control scripts cannot be revealed and therefore the original source code is hidden (secured). Concerning MySQL, it is also a secure, perhaps stealth protocol that uses login and password to grant access to databases.

Dynamic website using PHP/MySQL:

Regular updates are important for sustaining a reliable digital presence. Static websites are hard to update since there is a need to replace all the content, whereas dynamic website suffers some content modifications without needing to perform a full replacement. It is obvious that the database features are critical while performing regular updates. Operating modification implicates storing te changes somewhere then displaying them. This works as responses to users’ operated updates or admin operated updates.


Conclusion :

PHP and MySQL are not the only languages for web developers and web designers, but the truth is that they are the most adequate for web interfaces. Their easiness and security level as well as their portability and the cross platform behaviour are very important features.