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WordPress security is a complicated problem. The most fundamental activities any freelance web designer singapore can perform to make their site secure is to bear in mind that no single procedure you can undertake to make sure that nothing unscrupulous occurs. But there are several step you can take to ensure safety of your site. The first one is to be on the lookout, for code you write and those from other that you use on your site that have a negative impression. Through this article, we will discuss precisely those functionality that a WordPress developer should have a second thought before executing them.

WordPress itself offers a large collection of functions, some of which can be a headache to work with. Other than that, there are various PHP functions that a developer will be utilizing more often and can turn to be unsafe when executed.

All these plugins have legitimate and safe uses, but there are exists other plugins that make them easier to alter. These are the major contributors to security vulnerability.

Fetching URLs with file_get_contents

A collective exercise when hastily scripting some PHP code that has to request an exterior URL is to use file_get _contents. The process is usually faster, easier although not fully secure.

The concern with file_get_contents is understated, but then again it impact is severe enough that host will at times align PHP not to even permit you to use external URLs. These are deliberate attempts to safeguard your privacy.

The concern with file_get_content is that the execution will load page for you. However, once it execute the command, it does not authenticate the reliability of the HTTPS protocol connection. This signifies that your files could possibly be a target of man- In-the middle attack.

assert IS ALSO eval-LIKE

assert is a function most PHP developer utilize although it not a use either in WordPress or outside it. Its intention is for very- inconsequential allegations about prerequisites for the code. Nevertheless, it’s also backing an eval-built procedure. This is why, you ought to be concern just like you are for the eval.


Eval in programing language is highly dangerous as it allow implementation of arbitrary PHP code. Although eval is highly recommended while developing a metaprogramming program, it exceedingly unsafe since it permit arbitrary sources to be delivered directly to you eval string assessor; making it stress-free to a mischievous attacker to execute anything a PHP can perform on your server.

Although we indorse you being watchful for plugins in your code that invader can get access to, it is also the essential to authenticate and cleanse all files you obtain from handlers and escape before you put it into a webpage.