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Poker 3 RGB is a unique keyboard. It is well made with an aluminium bezel casing that can guarantee you durability.

The distinctive color for this keyboard is black. This color beautifies your machine and is easy to maintain.

The key-caps are double-shot. You can be sure they cannot fall off any time to inconvenience you while playing your precious game. The switches are mechanical, Cherry MX, which are known for their quality. With these switches, you can do millions of keystrokes.

These double-shot keycaps will give any user the best gaming/typing experience and feeling. From the decorations to the unique pattern, you can be sure of superb usability.

Through these keycaps, you can see the beautiful emission of RGB LED lights.

The Cherry MX is blue, and this color only gives you that best ‘clicky’ feeling when typing. A plate is in between the switches and the PCB, and this provides extra rigidity.

Porker 3 has an arbitrary programming feature. Each key is individually programmed and can hold up to 32 keystrokes. You can effortlessly see through anything you want because of the three layers customization options.

This board has all your settings in the on-board memory. So, if you do not have extra drivers, you do not have to worry.

Poker 3 RGB keyboard has three pre-programmed layouts that enable you to enjoy your typing experience. These include;

  • Dvorak, which increases typing efficiency and ergonomics. It also reduces typing errors.
  • Qwerty enables you to type without clashing.
  • Colemak, enables you to type faster and reduces pain in the fingers and wrist.

The primary interface for this keyboard is a USB. This USB transports information from your keyboard to your PC with a high frequency. The same USB ensures that the status of the RGB backlights is communicated from your PC to the keyboard.

Besides, Poker RGB 3 is 60% layout keyboard. The dimensions include; 15.6*4*2 inches. It only weighs 2 pounds. Hence, you can carry it along with you anytime with ease. At the same time, it is not so light; hence it cannot slide while gaming like other lighter keyboards.

This poker has a full key rollover. The feature shows how the keyboard hardware scans every key entirely and on its own. By this, your keyboard accurately detects each keypress even though different keys are pressed at a go.

With this keyboard, you can enjoy excellent compatibility with any windows. It has a cord length of 60 cm and inches with reliable stability.