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Publishing a website:

You have spent a lot of time and money in creating your masterpiece of a website. You have figured out everything and have done everything right. What’s the point if you don’t publish it. This article will tell you about how to publish your website and present it to the general audience/users out there.

It’s an easy and essential process. You can do in 2 ways, either you can publish your website using a free web hosting service or you can purchase a domain and publish your website there.

Web hosting services may be or may not be free. It really depends on the provider that you are looking to use. What you need to look for in the case of web hosting service provides is reliability. It is highly recommended that you choose a reliable provider so that your site stays there for as long as you want to. Usually you need to create an account on and then use a FTP (File transfer protocol) software to upload the files to the server and get your website up and running.

The second way to publish your website is by using a domain. A domain is the unique address for your website. For example, is the domain name for google which google has purchased at some point in the past. You can purchase or rent domain names from a domain registrar.

Promoting a website:

You might have a website up and running, now is the time to attract traffic to your website. This is done through promoting the website. Like other products promotions can be done in different ways on a smaller scale you can tell people about it, you can post it on social media and things like that but it will not make much of a difference. It may get your site from a 100 to 150 or even 200 views but it certainly won’t get it to 100,000 or a Million views. Traffic attention depends upon what your site contains. If its engaging, unique and interesting people will automatically visit your site frequently everyday.

In this article we will talk about some ways that you can drive some additional traffic to your website.

  1. SEO
    SEO or Search engine optimization is a process through which the ranking of a website in a search engine’s search results is improved by using smart keywords. 95% of the internet experience of a person starts at a search bar of a search engine. People don’t tend to write the full address of a website. Instead they would search the name and the site would pop up. Chances are if you are initiating a new business and there are many others in the market already who have been there longer than you, your website will be buried deep in the search results which will not be visible to people. By being SEO smart, you can rank your website higher in the search results and you may get more traffic.
  2. PPC
    PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising model that allows you to bid on certain keywords. When you win the auction on a certain keyword, whenever that keyword is searched on a specific search engine the ad of your website appears on the top of the search results. Allowing your website to have more exposure to the audience. This is suitable for high end marketers and freelance web designer singapore.