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There are many reasons why you would want to quit your job. Here are some of the top reasons why people in Singapore would want to quit their jobs.


  • New family member to support
    • Congratulations if you have a newborn! Having a child is costly in Singapore and maybe your current salary may not be enough to support the increased expenses.
  • New financial objective to meet
    • Maybe you have just purchased a car or property recently and need more money to pay off your loans.


  • Lack of appreciation of your work
    • Sometimes you have done and impressed many at your workplace. However, you may have been constantly ignored by your boss. Whether it is intentionally or not, you might want to consider switching jobs to get a boss that appreciates all the work that you do. For bosses, a simple thank you to your staff works wonders.
  • Does not acknowledge your presence
    • Your boss avoids eye contact with you
    • Always referring you in third person
    • Always delegate a middleman to contact you
  • Always nitpicking you on small things
    • Every step you take, you get scolded or reprimanded
    • This can be very restrictive on your work efficiency and creativity
  • Micromanaging you on all tasks whether big or small
    • Lack of trust on your abilities at work
  • Obsession on your whereabouts
    • Lack of trust on what you do when you work from home (WFH)


  • You don’t fit into the culture
    • Some cultures are very liberal and open and you may be an introvert that just wants to get things done. You dislike the parties and after work activities.
  • Language barriers
    • You may need to contact other employees in a global company and sometimes you do not speak or write their native language. This can be challenging for some.
  • Various cliques in your workplace
    • Groups can be formed via common interests. Sometimes, you do not have the same interest. You may feel left out when your colleagues meet up after work without you.


  • Company cutting budget
    • A sign that the company is shrinking and may close down.
  • Company changing directions
    • A sign that the current product is not working
  • Company delaying your pay
    • A sign you should find another job


  • Overworked
    • If you feel extreme stress, you are in the wrong job or industry
  • Working on weekends
    • Working on weekends can be a sign of overworking
  • Working overtime
    • Sometimes, your boss may contact you after working hours and you have to answer.

Lack of Interest

  • Bored
    • You can’t explain it but you just don’t feel like doing work in your current job.
  • Other passions to fufill
    • You have other aspirations such as starting your own business