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This classic, black mechanical keyboard will solve your gaming problems. It has the best features that will make you enjoy all the time you spend gaming.

From the outside, the metallic case is strong enough and will serve you for a longer period than you expect. You can make up to 81 million clicks, and your board will remain strong. This hard frame can survive some blows and several bumps.

This aluminum plate protects your keyboard from scratches wear and tear. On the bottom side of this keyboard are rubber pads, which increase grip and keep your board from sliding.

Would you prefer a minimalist gaming desktop? This keyboard is compact hence, it can effortlessly fit on your desktop. It will also allow you maximum space to rotate your mouse and place your wrists.

The mechanical switches are razer green. If you are the kind of gamer that likes the tactile, bumpy, and clicky feeling, this keyboard is for you.

These razer chroma-powered switches emit RGB lights to enable you to experience life and a brighter feeling when gaming. You can be sure of enjoying each keystroke. The switches give the best and satisfying feedback.

If you do not want the RGB lights, you can also reset a timer that will enable the light to turn off after a particular period of inactivity.

The keys are fully programmable. This feature allows you to map your suitable functions using the razer Synapse three. You can play efficiently by setting and saving your unique profile or macros.

Each backlit key can support up to 17 million colors. The keycaps are textured, and this offers an extra grid.

Razer Blackwidow V3 is compatible with most popular games, Philips hue, razer hardware, etc.

Besides, you can interchange the functionality of different keys according to how you want them to be. Later on, you can program the settings for convenience.

On the left-hand side of this keyboard is the USB pass-through port plus a 3.5 mm pass-through jack. Through this jack, you can insert your earphones.

This keyboard also has media controls, unlike the earlier models. You can easily spot notice if caps lock or game mode is activated. This is due to the status light of the keyboard being on top of the directional keys.

If you are looking for a high-end razer keyboard, Razer Blackwidow V3 Tenkeyless is the best. With the premium design, top-tier performance, light, and compact, this keyboard deserves your every coin.