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Razer huntsman mini 60% is the best gaming keyboard. Every gaming person will testify that it has the fastest keyboard switches.

The keyboard has linear optical switches that are the very best because you cannot miss any bit of the game when using them in gaming. These are precisely the second-generation linear optical switches that are accurate.

As we all love seeing bright colors and light, these optical switches are smooth, and they show beautiful colored lights. The advantage they have, too, is that you can allow them to be silent or clucky when tapping the keys. RGB lighting per key applied here is what brings out the multiple colors at once.

The keyboard has PBT keycaps. PBT keycaps have a stable and durable material, and there is no doubt of them staying longer.

The Razer Huntsman has an onboard memory that nothing can alter. The onboard storage is divided into five profiles, which are sorted according to the price, the latest, popularity, default, and average rating.

Razer huntsman mini’s style of making is made with a sharp edge that feels like a razor.

The color of the keys is mercury white, which is a very sleek color.

Media keys of this keyboard have function features on them so that they can perform many tasks efficiently.

The USB interface used in this keyboard is type A, which connects well with many of the devices, and therefore, the transfer of any information never becomes a problem when you have this type of keyboard.

The cable used in this keyboard is a Type C USB. It is the best USB cable because it can transfer large amounts of power to the device quickly. This cable is detachable, and therefore there is no worry when you want to disconnect it. The cable is braided to ensure it is safe to use and it stays for long.

The keyboard is constructed with a top of an aluminum plate, making it more durable since it can hardly wear out. The keyboard base is a classic plastic material that makes it easier to use since it’s easier to move.

The keyboard has software called Razer synapse 3. This software has a unified configuration, and it allows you to control a single razer and send the settings automatically to the cloud for saving.

This keyboard supports N-key rollover, and therefore it can identify every key separately when they functioning.

The keyboard has 61 keys, which shows that it is compact enough to handle. The dimension of this keyboard is 29.5×10.2×3.3 cm (~11.6×4×1.3 inches) in terms of Length, Width, and Height, respectively; this makes it to be easily portable.