Get ready to get your mind blown off with the amasing app whose job is to help all native developers achieve their dreams in the native app development market. Let’s hold hands and take this tour to learn more about React Native.

  • Android and iOS native apps at your fingertips

Oh how wonderful! React Native brings the creation of native apps for Android and iOS right at your fingertips. Yes, you read right. The app is in the category of best JavaScript library, and this makes it possible for developers to create interfaces for their apps with no effort.

Also, depending on the nature of your work, React Native also gives an opportunity to developers to either begin working on an app from the scratch or even add more value to the already existing native app projects.

  • Ready to Share the Native Platform

The capacity of React Native to share the native UI platform to the new apps created by developers entails that the new apps will function the same way as those using the APIs.

Interestingly, for those teams of developers that wish to have more than one platform to manage, there is a provision with React Native to create one platform that would have specific instructions coded in a single codebase system. This means, just with one platform coded with a single codebase, the rest of the platforms could be managed by sharing the common technology established, only by the transfer of the code.

  • All Apps are Native

If you are a developer that is concerned about user’s experience with any native development, this is just the best app that is ready to help you maintain that with no compromise; for the apps created are all native.

The other good news about this app is that the native agnostic components like view, text and image are all reserved for you through the use of the native UI platform’s building blocks where they are directly linked.

  • Easy Inter-Platform Connectivity

React Native creates a connection between the APIs after the existing native code gets wrapped, by using the declarative native UI platform and JavaScript, which promotes new teams of native app developers and boost the working speed of the existing developers.

  • Refreshing Speed of Lightning

This is one of the best parts you can use to take advantage of the JavaScript that comes with React Native. As a native app developer, you can make any changes you like to your project, save them and even see the changes without waiting for the native builds to complete the process.

In conclusion, native app development for Android and iOS can never get better and easier than this you just read. This is the time to grab the opportunity of using React Native to bring those ideas to pass.