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It is not a secret that i am a proud fan of WordPress for various reason; easy to operate, occurrence of security update and extensibility. One of the most outstanding feature is the various theme is offers. However, my client and colleague frequently ask why I shouldn’t purchase a custom WordPress theme.
As a freelance web designer singapore, I offer a very robust view regarding it. It’s not the best nor the most effective remedy to various site. Why? Through this article, your will be able to review why it essential to consult before contracting a developer to create a unique and fancy theme for you site.

Too Costly

If you are creating a theme from scratch, you will be parting ways with ton of dollars. Some of the custom theme I have seen range from somewhere above $ 10k. Reason being, WordPress theme do not just involve color and fonts.

From an expert viewpoint, WordPress theme comprises other features such as templates, which helps to map out content before building PHP. Moreover, you’ll be compensating for development phase to nap in all theme selections you wish. You get the picture. If you want a fully custom WordPress theme with all of the key features of a decent theme, expect to pay in excess of $20K in the majority of situations.

Takes a Long Time to Build

Another phase where WordPress theme development will hit you hard is the time you will have to wait for you developer to code and implement all the templates and features.

Wait a minute! I have not even highlighted the designing process where it comprises a series of procedure before even the actual coding commences. These process can take days, months or years subject to how you clearly highlight what you expect at the end of the process.

I’ve seen WordPress setting out last more than two months!  How patient you are is a decision that is entirely on your ball.

Engagements with Plugins

This is the reason why is it essential to carry out due diligence of which developer to decide to work with. Various theme are not well-suited with important plugins.

Imagine having a fresh website, professionally built with a stunning outlook. Then you introduce a plugin for SEO optimization and oops… the CSS halts. You end up removing it and tries an altered SEO plugin only for the navigation to vanish.

Yes, this is completely bound to occur. When it occurs, I anticipate that you have valuable support strategy ready and a versatile developer to can actually rectify the problematic.


You may fall in love with you amazing website, but I vouch for to avoid a custom WordPress theme by all means. By now, you are in a position to differentiate between acquiring precisely what you wish, saving your precious time and hard earned money, and evading the nuisance with the enduring support.