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In this era where technology masters all, an online all time open source for incoming customers must be welcomed. Unless you are a small businessman who doesn’t wants to increase your business’s reach, you need a website. Nowadays building an e-commerce website is easier than ever; you don’t need much money; you need not have any information about coding or designing.

A website is something that your customers expect from you. With so many non-costly website building options available in the market, you don’t really have any excuse. Your website is always working, even when you’re not. It connects with possible customers or current customers every second. It expands your reach, and increases the impact of your advertising as it reaches to a large number of people. Online advertisements leave an impact on the back of your minds, hence being more successful. It also helps you to gather feedbacks by online surveys, forms etc. Feedbacks play an important role in your business development as you get a chance to improve the shortcomings or improvise it in a way that appeases the customers more.

Websites also helps to influence public perception as you can control the narrative. Your visibility increases tenfold with a solid built website. Now, the big question arises that what you need to build a website. What are the requirements? Sometimes, what you think you need is different from what you actually need. Some basic requirements for building your website are:

  • Domain Name
  • Business e-mail address
  • Website Building Software
  • Website Hosting
  • Website template design
  • Logo design
  • High-quality images for website
  • Image editors
  • Google analytics

Now since we have figured out the basic needs or what we require to develop the website, let’s move on towards its personalization. Only having a website will not bring or attract customers towards your website. “First impression is the last impression.” If your website manages to capture the interest of the customers at first look, chances of increase in sales or sales itself increases. A website redesign automatically points towards a lot of work and it doesn’t matter if you hire someone or do it by yourself. Not only time but an allocated budget is also an investment while website redesigning. Here are some points that might help you in your reasoning for redesigning of your website –

  1. Looks Old School: Simple translation for this is that your website looks outdated i.e., it is not par or in tuned with the modern day trends and can also leave the impression that the company might not be so active on the website and can result in some loss of business or potential customers. In this case, use WordPress as your CMS!
  2. Unresponsive and doesn’t provide with seamless experience to the users: Earlier net surfing was limited to desktop but nowadays, net surfing is done from many platforms and customers want highest levels of comfort hence wanting to view the same items in the cart on all the devices. If not provided with the same may hinder your growth and manipulate your reputation.
  3. Bad user experience and hard to navigate: Companies have to do repetitive research after fixed amount of times so that the rivals to be at the top and keep providing with the best user experience and facilities. Always look out for the development of such a website where you can add additional features to it when required.

Hence, as seen website redesign can be a revolutionary change for your e-commerce business and can help you enhance number of customers as it shows you like to give in effort. That being said, if you find all these too complex or you do not have enough time to do it on your own, you will need a freelance web designer singapore.