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WordPress is a content management system originally based upon PHP and MySQL services (a free tool to help you build websites). WordPress is an easy and powerful blogging and website content management system in the modern world. B2/cafe log, more commonly known as b2 or cafe log, was the precursor to WordPress. It was released in 2003 as a fork for b2, and it is free of cost and available to its users to this day. Basically, it’s a publishing platform that helps people to publish their content online on their webpages. 17 to 25% webpages on the internet today are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is for everyone it is almost used by everyone. For example, used by Schools, businesses, governments and freelance web designer singapore. WordPress services are offered by and You may be wondering the difference between the two but it isn’t much. is totally free, no premium touches, you have to host and manage and implement your own software to your website. on the other hand is handles your content for you, you don’t have to worry about major issues. Its kind of an automated service which helps you get things done hassle free. A Business Plan also exists that provides its services on a larger scale. You can get started with WordPress by creating an account. Its that easy and use their services to implement on your site.

Once you have created your account, when you log in you will see a WordPress Dashboard. No one is allowed to see your dashboard, only you have the access to your dashboard and you are in charge. The dashboard is like a back end that is only available to you like the HTML document. Its your main work station. Here you can create themes, appearances, implement plugins and manage your webpage content. Categories of your content are shown on the left pane of the WordPress dashboard. Depending on your needs. You can also create some custom categories to manage more pages. Once you have selected the page or the articles that you want to edit, it will open a simple word processing program in which you can create new content, edit and change preexisting content or delete altogether. WordPress basically stores information in a database for you and provides you with an interface to manipulate, add or delete that data. Also on the left pane of the dashboard, exists the theme button. With WordPress you can also add or remove themes or create themes if that is what you want. Themes are created using HTML, PHP and CSS3. You can create a theme based totally on WordPress but its easy if you create a “child class” that inherits files from the applied CSS file and gives it a similar look.

Mostly WordPress is used on about and contact us pages. That is why most of these pages look a bit different from the website as a whole. WordPress is time effective. It takes 2 clicks to add or delete content from a website. It generally takes more time in HTML as you have to first find the code, edit the code, check the content, check headers then save it.