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Security is one of the major problems in mobile phone applications. Security is an essential thing which needed by users. Users are the king and the application developer needs to secure user data. Securing user data will lead your application in top rankings. Security is important especially for payment transaction apps like PayPal, Payoneer and skrill etc. End to End encryption must be added in mobile applications like WhatsApp is doing. If security is improved in mobile applications then users will user will use more apps rather than websites.

Mobile Application Development Code

Some hackers develop program code in the hope that application developers will use their strategy. Most people do not try to develop applications. Instead, they make use of easy-to-use frameworks and ready-made program code in their application. The mobile phone application development company should not believe on these third-party program codes without affirmation, particularly if the application is working with private user important information.

Absence of server-side security

Many application developers can provide better security for their apps, but their particular server-side security is vulnerable. Such a mistake can lead to damage of vulnerable data such as credit card information, self-identification information and more. If you are dealing with large data collecting of users.

Make Usage Of Strong Password Policy
Some mobile phone applications allow the user to generate a low-quality password. If the password is strong then it will be hard for a hacker to breach this security. Therefore developer must allow the user to create a strong lengthy password with upper and lower case or some special characters for security purpose.


Insecure Storage Of Data

Data is not secure in mobile applications. And this is one of the major loopholes in mobile applications. The best way to secure data storage across systems is to build an extra layer of end to end encryption. In some apps, user data is not secured that can be easily accessed by the hacker.

Not Updated Apps

When you launch your app, hackers will start working on using the weakness of your application. Once these types of bugs are exposed, it is important that you start hooking holes and upgrading people with instant sections to restore the app’s overall performance and user confidence. Therefore the application must be updated to avoid any bug.