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Are you a student that is great at taking notes?

If you are, you are at the right place. Your note taking skills can be a valuable asset that many would pay for.

Who would be selling?

  • Students
  • Tutors

Who would be paying for your notes?

  • Students that wish to have notes from various schools in Singapore
    • Sometimes your current school doesn’t cover a particular topic well and you are stuck.
  • Students that missed lectures
    • sometimes you might miss lessons because you are on MCs or on official CCA reasons.
  • Parents who wish to teach their kids but do not have the time to research

Benefits of selling your study notes

  • make spare cash
    • in this trying times, this could be a source of revenue stream for some people
  • validate your notes quality
    • if people do purchase, it means your notes are of high quality which can be encouraging for some people