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To get in the e-commerce markets, having a website is no more an option. Website is the necessary part of the business, of any business. Why do we create websites? We create websites to shine some light upon our company’s vision, its work ethics, team work, guidelines, motto, and sales. Clearly, websites are a marketing strategy especially for a freelance web designer singapore. Different businessmen use their websites differently. Some use it to generate revenue while some use it to generate leads and increment in sales. When doing online business, website is your point of focus at all the times. All the websites or business owners look forward to one thing to do with their website – growing their business. There are some strategies out there which can help your business to grow through your website –


Now here is your actual sales representative out for the world. All the websites out there definitely have the social media buttons, not having one is a big NO and can definitely impact on your sales as people might take you for to be old school! Facebook, instagram, twitter and linkedin  – two popular social media platforms – offer various options for pages to boost their post for people and targets a larger audience to see which is a great way of advertisement for one’s business.


Use your visuals and content smartly on the website. Visuals attract a person’s attention and make them read the content. The first two to three lines of the content must be eye catching because that is what draws the eyes of viewer to view the content or not. Also use some relevant links and memes if possible to make it look a bit funny but still informative.  To really promote some content you can rephrase the same content and post it again and again on the website to ensure that it actually reaches the people.


Videos are far much more interesting than reading for some people. You can’t just target a particular section of people, you have to target the whole audience so you have to post animated or explainer videos for the visual people out there. Animated videos help you a great deal to turn your viewers into your leads with minimum visible effort.


The people viewing your website are not naïve, they want reasons and results and they want it easy. Building trust is what takes the maximum effort, to make the viewers see that your company has potential and is worthy of their time as well as trust because these are the two things everyone holds dear to them. Showcase relevant and trustworthy reviews and ratings to help viewers decide for themselves whether to go for you or not!


One of the most important things for your customers is communication. People tend to shy away from online businesses because of slow services and unreliable communication between the company and the customers. So if you want to turn your customers into leads then install a live chat option and try to reply fast and answer as many as possible question. Choose one that is able to integrate with WordPress CMS.