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When applying for a passport renewal or an application for a new passport, you need to provide your recent photo. But, to do so, you will need to meet the specific requirements when submitting your photo. If you don’t have the time to head out to a photo studio to get your “singapore passport photo”, you will find a passport photo app helpful in saving both your time and money!

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What is a passport photo app? 


A passport photo app will help you take your passport photo, with features allowing you to adjust the photo as you require. It’s easy to use a passport photo app by following the instructions when taking the photo.

There are many passport photo apps available for download. However, before you download a passport photo app, check the app details to know the features of the passport photo app, which is listed on the app’s page, including the app info.

The features can vary from one app to another. You will need to select a few well-rated passport photo apps to select the best one to get the best result.


Why use a passport photo app? 


You may wonder, “Why don’t I just take a selfie or a regular photo with my photo camera and submit it?” Well, that’s not possible as it will not be accepted if it doesn’t meet the passport photo requirements. For example, in many passports and immigration office websites, they recommend photographs taken with a passport photo app, as it helps you to choose the required dimensions.


Using a passport photo app: what you can do with it


A passport photo app comes with auto-editing tools, which will allow you to edit your “passport photo”. However, you need to follow the strict instructions set by the authority; otherwise, your passport photo will not be accepted, leading to a delay. Some features offered by a passport photo app:


  1. Changing background colour.
  2. White balance- This feature helps to remove any colour casts that are unrealistic and make your image as accurate as possible.
  3. Offering various photo dimensions to select from for your passport photo.
  4. Options for sharing the photo.
  5. Brightness, saturation, and contrast, etc.

These are some basic features offered by a passport photo app. After taking the photo, you can save the photo and then print it out at home or take it to a studio to get it printed.


Things to remember when using a passport photo app: 


Although there are many features offered by a passport photo app, always follow the requirements set by the passport/immigration office. For example, your photo should be natural and not altered. You shouldn’t alter your facial features, or use any editing tools to enhance your photo.


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How to look for a passport photo app? 


It’s simple and easy! All you need to do is to visit the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store and type “Singapore Passport photo app free” or “IC Photo Singapore app” or “Singapore passport photo app” to find the app you need.

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Here are apps that can help you get a passport photo!


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Cheap Singapore Passport Holder (Gloss) $5



IC Photo Singapore

Passport Photo – ID Photo


Passport Size Photo Maker

Passport Photo Maker – VISA/Passport Photo Editor

Passport Photo File Size

Got your passport photo rejected? Ensure that they are in these format below.

Function Image file format File size no more than
Application for passport jpg, jpeg or png file extension 2 MB
Re-registration for identity card jpg, jpeg or png file extension 2 MB
Application for permanent residence jpg or jpeg file extension 1 MB
All other applications jpg file extension 60 KB

Passport Photo Dimensions

35mm width x 45mm height (3.5cm x 4.5cm)