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There are many types of pools odds apps available in both android play store and iOS app store that you can use to play pools odds with ease.

These apps will offer you with a variety of features that you can use when betting. Let’s take a better look at these apps for pools odds.


A look at pools odds apps: 


To play pools odds, first, you will need to log into your android play store or iOS app store. Second, you will need to type search terms such as, “Singapore pools odds app” or “Pools odds app free” or any other suitable relevant search terms as these.

With a single search button click, you will come across many pools odds app.

For example, to select a suitable Singapore pools and odds app, you need to look at the ratings and reviews by the users and the features offered by the apps and select accordingly.


What you need to know about any- pools odds app: 


  • The 4D pools odds apps will offer you with live 4D results. Some of these apps offer features such as 4D money box predictions, 4D past results checking, 10+ years number history search, and more.
  • Some apps will offer you with Singapore Toto and Sweep results, along with 4D results. You can also view live results, get instant notification, and you can also share the result through various social media apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • If you want to get Toto results, you can download specific apps that will offer you with only such results. For example, one live Toto app offers the fastest live Toto results and there is a specific time when the result is announced. It also offers the reading out of the winning number in more than one language for the convenience of the user.
  • Some apps are free, while you need to pay for others. You will also come across apps that are free but offers in-app purchases and you can become a premium member to get access to extra features, which may be unavailable in a free pools odds app.
  • Some other features offered by pools odds apps (Toto and Sweep) are, generating a lucky number, adding and managing of favourite numbers, search for dream numbers, smart manual input for Sweep and 4D, common triplets for Toto, statistical charts, frequency tables, Toto and 4D quick-pick generator, etc.


These are just some features of a few pools odds apps. If you are looking for any specific features, or if you want to get the best pools odds playing experience through using apps, it is best if you compare a few well-rated apps together to see which one fits your needs!

Another thing to remember is to have a good internet connection when getting live results from the apps. Some apps are free, while others allow live result with in-app purchases while offering free results after a certain time to the user. There’s also one more thing to remember: most of these apps are not affiliated; they are independent.

Live 4D Singapore

  • 4D result checks Past result
  • Money Box 4D prediction
  • Number history search More than 10 years of past history


  • QuickPick generator for TOTO and 4D
  • Frequency tables and statistical charts

SG Live 4D

  • Money Box

  • Analyze 4D

  • History Result