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Two of the most popular niche for anyone who is looking for a lucrative and fast-paced career are software and web development. There are many differences between software and web development. If you are someone who is stuck and confused when it comes to choosing any one of these fields, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at both software and web development and what you need to know about them to help you to make the right decision.


A look at software and web development:

Software development is where new software programs or applications are created by the software developers and engineers by using certain programming languages. The software programs/applications are written in codes that can be maintained. There are various factors to consider when it comes to the development of a software program for any software developer. Software development is based on SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle. SDLC is composed of various phases and these are the planning and requirement analysis, defining the requirements, requirement designing, coding or creating the application, implementation, and maintenance after the deployment process. There are also various software development methodologies that are followed by the software developers and their teams. Each of these software development methodologies has its advantages and disadvantages, which needs to be considered to get the best result. Some of the software development methodologies are iterative, waterfall, agile, lean, spiral model, etc.

On the other hand, Server-side scripting, client-side scripting, and database scripting is generally done in web development. There are various other works which are also included in web development, such as web design, content management, and security etc. The web development life cycle is quite similar to the Software Development Life Cycle. There are various phases in the web development life cycle and these are gathering the requirements, planning and creating the workflow, designing of the website pages, content writing and management, coding to build the website, testing the website development, and the deployment of the website, hosting of the website, and maintaining the website.


Considering both software and web development,

The software applications developed by the software developers are generally client based. The applications developed by web developers are client-server based. The design work is straight and simple. On the other hand, web design is mainly composed of graphic design and content. Script language is not mandatory for coding in software development. On the other hand, in web development, the script language is used for app development.

The developed software doesn’t need a host like a web application. The web application is generally hosted through the intranet or internet. Web applications are not quite as robust as a software application.

The developed software applications are generally referred to as desktop applications. Also, these applications are developed considering a specific platform. In web development, the applications are mainly designed for various platforms. The applications developed by software development are static, whereas, in web development, the applications are generally developed with the dynamic pages. There are also limitations in customization in software developed apps, which is not the case with the web developed applications.