There are various things you will need to consider if you are looking to create a website and design it. For any website, web design is a crucial aspect. Without proper web design, business websites with poor designs can also turn away potential customers. There are various techniques for good web design that one will need to learn and apply to design the best website. If you are someone who is looking to avoid such mistakes to design a good website, you have come to the right place! Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes made in web design.

Some of the common mistakes:

  • You should make sure to show what your business is about to the potential customers. If this information isn’t clear, visitors will leave the site.
  • Make sure not to cram your landing page or any other pages in the website unnecessarily. This will make the page appear cluttered and visitors will lose their interest in reading the content and go away from the site. You shouldn’t design a website which will not convey the message to the potential customer about your business.
  • Make sure that you display the brand identity. You shouldn’t use a random colour palette or themes that are unrelated to each other. Cramping too many ideas together will lead to disaster. It will also make the website appear unprofessional. Make sure to select a specific theme and logo and colour palette before designing a website for any business.
  • Call to action is extremely important for any business. Call to action will command your potential website visitors to perform a specific action that you want them to perform. When it comes to this, you should make sure to provide enough information to the potential visitors, so that they know which next step to opt for. You should also make sure to appear helpful, but not appearing irritating. There should be a minimum amount of form filling. The visitors should spend a few minutes on the website before showing the call to action.
  • It is unacceptable to use random content or content which is copy-pasted from another online source. You should be careful about your content and offer good quality content to your visitors. You should not place too many texts on your web page, which will make the page appear unpleasant and cluttered. Make sure to experiment with the best and attractive fonts of a proper size for your website.
  • It’s not acceptable to use any low-quality images or images that are irrelevant to your business. This will create a lot of problems as it turns the visitors away from the website. Irrelevant images will also confuse them as the image is unrelated to your business.
  • Complex navigation is definitely one of the fastest ways to turn away visitors. Visitors will get frustrated and get away from the site if they have to put too much effort into looking for relevant information. To solve this, you may need a freelance web designer Singapore to help.
  • There should be contact information available on the website and it should be placed as such so that the visitors don’t need to click a thousand times to find the contact information of the business. This crucial information should be placed at the bottom of the page or there should be a separate tab for contacting the business on the menu.