To become a proficient web designer, it is important that you know how to use important software programs. There are a variety of software programs available that one can learn and master. It is important that you should know about the right software; otherwise, bad software will lower your efficiency. Let’s take a look at some software that you must master to become a proficient web designer.


Some software for web design:


  • com is one of the popular platforms for building websites. It offers a great deal of flexibility to a designer when designing a website. To learn how to use WordPress, you will find a wide range of guides and tutorials to help you through. Although WordPress is free to use, to own a domain name and to host a website, you will need to spend some cash according to the packages available. It is easy to build a blog or website by using this particular platform as it is user-friendly.
  • Adobe Photoshop has proved itself as a market leader. If you want to become a proficient web designer, you must know every aspect of this design software. Most web design jobs list the requirement for prospective web designers to have Photoshop skills. This software is versatile as it can be used for a wide range of design work, including web design. As it is a manual tool, you should know what you will be working on to achieve the final result. The more knowledge you have about this software, the better it will help you to produce the best work! You can use the latest Photoshop version from Adobe by opting for monthly subscriptions or purchase the software by visiting any shop that offers this original software.
  • If you are looking for alternative software for design work, you definitely should check out GIMP. You may not get all the features for design offered by Photoshop when using GIMP, but you can accomplish any design work by using this software. This software is available for a wide range of platforms such as Windows and Mac.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver- an important web design software that you must learn and master. This software will allow use live viewer and code editor, which will help you to work without hassle. With the help of the available features, you can easily modify your work, before getting a perfect result/design. Another reason why many web designers prefer using Dreamweaver because it allows you to create a whole website. It is available for monthly subscription use, where you need to pay a monthly specific amount to use this software.
  • As a designer, you will find Sublime Text 2 as a helpful additional tool for editing code. You will get to use a variety of features that will help you to use syntax highlighting, completion of common commands and phrases etc. To use this software, you can download it for free, or you can pay $70 to purchase the license.