If you are someone who is starting your journey as a new web designer, you must need a portfolio. A portfolio will help your potential clients to check out your design style and ability and this helps a freelance web designer Singapore to get their desired job. There are various factors that you will need to consider when you are designing a portfolio. To help you out, this article will take a look at some tips for creating a portfolio for web design.

A look at some tips for creating a portfolio for web design:

  1. It is best advised to focus on only one niche. This is beneficial as there is a greater chance to get hired fast. Also, if you pre-select a niche, you will find that you will be able to better understand and meet the needs and the requirements of the clients. When you are familiar with the style of a particular area, you will find that it is easier to become creative and give your best shot.
  2. When you are designing a mock site for your portfolio, make sure to not copy any site you like that you have come across. That will never help to make your portfolio to stand out to the prospective clients. Clients are always looking for something new and different that can help them to get the best-designed site. When you are designing the mock site, make sure to add some new perspective to your design that will make you stand out amongst others.
  3. When creating your portfolio, you should make sure that you are selecting your best works to show to the clients. For example, if you have got 2 websites that you have designed, with one being designed 1 year back and another one designed 4 years back, it’s best to use the recent one and if you do use the old design, make sure that it is updated before you decide to include it in your portfolio. You should remember that the standards of web design are constantly changing.
  4. If you have some experience working as a web designer, it is best that you get the best recommendations from your previous clients. This allows the prospective client(s) to understand the quality of your work and they will have better faith to get a high quality work. Make sure that the recommendations show that you are reliable and you are capable of offering a high quality work to the prospective client(s). This will automatically get you faster than someone who lacks recommendations from their previous clients.
  5. Before you include a site as your portfolio, you should make sure that the site is working fine and there are no technical errors as that would raise red flags and significantly lower your chances to get the job. Also, it is best not to opt for any complex website structure or a design that is difficult to navigate. A simple design is the best option when it comes to web design. But simple design should not be mistaken with a website that lacks the look and function.