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A Static Web page as the name indicates is the kind of webpage that contains fixed information that doesn’t adapt or change with the user’s interaction. In simpler words, a static website is like a hand-written page or a document that is displayed as is. Static web pages are coded in HTML and are the same for everyone browsing or visiting them. For example, Businesses displaying information, Contact details, Event details etc. When you don’t need anything fancy and want to deliver the information fast and on demand to your audience static sites may come in handy.

There are countless static web pages on the internet. Seeing at first, you may not be able to recognize a site’s nature. It may be still displaying unchangeable information to you and be dynamic. It’s not easy to identify by just looking at a site. As mentioned above earlier, Static web pages are pretty basic. Just some written content here some graphic design files there not too much hassle. When it comes to change the content or update it, due to this reason it is mostly done by the person who has developed it, because it’s more feasible for him than other developers as he knows how he created it. Sure, someone else could also do it but he would take much longer if the site has stacks of pages.

Static Web pages may seem basic or might even sound boring but they also have some advantages that keep them in use to this day. Static sites are basic which means less work and fewer complications. This alone makes them easy to create, easy to learn and easy to host, and if by some means you can’t learn how to make a static webpage then don’t worry, they are also cheap in price so you can always hire someone to do that for you for comparatively lower rates. They are also cheap to host. If you’re using a Static webpage chances are that you’re not doing something that has a lot of workloads. So, that means that you may not need additional services like server storage, cloud computing and a whole team of developers working every day to maintain and update your site. This is the cheapest way to acquire an online presence on the internet. Buy a domain, create your own HTML that’s literally all you need.

As there are some advantages, there are also some drawbacks to static sites which are of a major scope. As discussed, Static web pages need a web developer to go through the code and update the information which takes a lot of time sometimes. Static sites aren’t interactive. They don’t interact according to the user’s will and guide him through the information which is a major drawback. This would push your clients away rather than attract them. They are not as helpful and only contain information from the creator’s point of view and do not adapt to the user’s requirements.

This is why major companies avoid using static web pages and smaller, local freelance web designer singapore prefer to use them to this date.