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Web designers and web developers usually come across the W3C word. Actually, it is about an international convention intended to regulate the World Wide Web environment. The sum of the rules includes several web design standards and web development recommendation in order to get validated and granted to publish the website.

Introducing W3C:

W3C for World Wide Web Consortium was founded in 1994.  It is settled in Massachusetts; it is the result of a cooperation between Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science and the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The organization aims to aggregate several web operators – mainly web and application developers- around several standards to facilitate and promote the web.

Defining W3C standards:

The W3C standards are conventional rules that the organization aims to globalize. These are sets of recommendations and agreements concerning the Web technologies, Web devices as well as Web software in order to sustain the best functioning of the Internet; thus would ensure the highest level of usability, utility, and accessibility. The standards include several parameters, but they can be summarized in few headlines.


The Accessibility standard ensures that the community has full access to the published content. This includes accessibility to everyone as well as accessibility through the available devices. Within this standard, we can define compatibility and responsiveness.


Semantic designates the programming standard which allows web developers, whether professional or a beginner, to communicate with their computers in a unique way regardless of their languages. It offers horizons of cooperations reuniting people from different cultures and different languages.


This standard ensures the compatibility of Web applications with each other. In other words, plugins and applications are no longer restricted to a particular Operating System. In fact, Developing agencies are so called to build appropriate versions of their modules to work on most Operating Systems.


There are some terms that the freelance web designer singapore has to respect in order to create a trustworthy web portal. In fact, security and privacy concerns are very important for users as well as for owners. Ensuring the security of all parties is the fastest way to gain loyalty and trust.


The World Wide Web belongs to everyone. Technology should evolve in order to guarantee this ownership level. Though it can be considered as part of the accessibility standard, it is quite different. Ownership includes licensing and copyrights.


The W3C publishes regular updates regarding the standards. The need of complying with these standards is critical to the online functioning and efficiency. These standards are not obligations, but web developers and web owners may have a lot to gain from complying with them.