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Telegram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media tools in Singapore. There are a lot of telegram channels and groups, serving different purposes ranging from Information dissemination to business purposes. Some of these channels are used to fetch information about food, finance, job openings, relationship, investment, government policies etc.
Let’s take a look at some of these telegram groups and their purposes;


Great Deals Singapore

Great deals is a brand that specialises in almost everything you need at home. This platform hosts hundreds of household items and also runs food services. On the telegram channel, subscribers have the opportunity to buy food and get them delivered to their doorstep or choose to pick them up by themselves.

If you’re also looking for a place to get gift items for yourself, your partner or your kids, this is the best place to get them all. You also get to buy kitchen utensils, kitchen scale, oven and every other important items for your kitchen.

All you need to do is join the telegram community and begin to experience the luxury it has in stock for you. Currently, there are about 16,600 subscribers on Good Deals Singapore telegram group.


If there’s such a thing as “multi-purpose” channel, then that’s clearly GoodLobang Telegram group. Apart from the fact that the largest percentage of subscribers on the platform are indigenes, there’s technically nothing that you may want to buy that’s not on the group. It’s home to everyday items that Singaporeans can not do without.

You’ll have access to a pool of promotions and deals, food, beauty products, travel, fashion and lifestyle. If you’re searching for a platform that has everything you need, and at affordable prices, that’s GoodLobang.

There are more than 250,000 subscribers on GoodLobang Telegram channel, and that alone is enough an evidence of the value it offers! 


SG Food Lobang

It’s not only about buying food; it’s about getting the value for your money when you buy food. Food is not something anyone wants to despise.

We all want to eat good but the challenge is usually about where or how to get the best deals when it comes to food matters. SG Food Lobang is the right place for the right food promotions and deals.

There are popular Singapore foods that are available, and can be ordered at the snap of your fingers. You don’t have to travel miles to buy food anymore. All you need to do is to join the Telegram group and select your preferred food. The group has over 62,000 subscribers!

SG Food Deals

Food is one of the basic necessities of life, and that’s why people can’t go without eating food everyday. It’s unimaginable to think about life without food, cheese cakes, grilled chicken breasts and the famous sushi in Singapore. So, if you’re looking for a platform that specialises in awesome and breathtaking food, SG Food Deals is one of the best options. The main focus of SG Food Deals is to keep Singaporeans abreast of the latest food discounts going on around, and to also serve as a platform for food promotions. With over 111,000 subscribers, the SG Food Deals telegram channel is one of the biggest platforms to find good food without breaking a bank!

Food Deals

If you want a great alternative to your food ‘plugs’, then you should consider this platform. They do not only share latest food promotions and delicacies, they also offer one of the biggest food discounts in Singapore. If you’re a student and you barely have time to cook, this channel is good for you. If you’re a working-class and you’re always busy at work, you need to consider this telegram group too. You can have the best offers on Pizza, Pasta, Burger, Coffee bean and tea leaf. Up to 20% discounts on all orders! Rush down to the telegram channel and find out the amazing deals for you. Currently, there are over 31,000 subscribers on this channel.


There’s nothing bad in eating as much as you wish. And satisfying your cravings does not make you a criminal. With a platform like sgFoodies, satisfying your cravings becomes a very easy thing to do. You can place an order for your favourite dish, and in no time, it will be delivered to your doorstep. They run discounted food deals and promotions. There are other offers to enjoy on this platform apart from food deals. They run adverts on job vacancies available in their company and around Singapore. Definitely, being on this group keeps you abreast of absolutely everything happening around you. Currently, there are over 16,000 subscribers on the channel.

SG Food Lover

Are you a lover of grilled Japanese Milk Buns? Do you care for some buns with overfilled Thai milk tea? How much do you love to take custard biscoff cream? There’s a whole lot for you on SG Food Lover telegram as far as good food is concerned. You have access to discounted meal prices from a hundred of vendors around you. Soups, festival essentials and steamboat ingredients are yet another set of amazing deals for you on this platform. Basically, this group is not only for buyers who want to have a taste of sumptuous meal. It’s also open for food vendors who want to have more customers to their side. You can send in links to your food services on the link without paying a dime. Just click on the link above to join. Currently, there are 1,192 subscribers on this channel.


SG| Temp/Part-Time Jobs | LOBANG

It’s always very tedious for job seekers to finally get a part-time jobs after intense search. Here, the part-time jobs Telegram channel gives job seekers the chance to access a variety of part-time jobs available in each sector as well as the qualifications required to merit those jobs. The channel is very active with about 30 job postings per day. Information such as the job detail, description of the location of the company, skill level required, pay, working hours, benefits etc are posted alongside each job opening. One of the advantages of this telegram group is that you do not have to click on the link to understand every detail of the job. This platform has over 9,900 subscribers.

SG FT Lobang

There are a lot of job seekers who are seeking to work in companies that employ full-time. The SG FT Lobang is a Telegram channel that focuses on full-time job offers. On the channel, subscribers have access to a pool of job offers on a daily basis. Details of the job, pay, working hours, requirements and roles of the job seekers are included alongside the job description. Subscribers also get to read about the company profile before applying for job offers on the channel. This is important to know because some companies may likely ask job seekers what they know about the company, during interview sessions. Currently, there are no less than 3,000 subscribers on the telegraph group.


Singapore Financial Independence Community

To attain financial dependence, it takes a whole lot of processes. Some people go as far as paying huge amount of money to acquire knowledge on financial independence. If you’re one of those people who do not know how to attain the height of financial stability, you might just need to join this telegram community and see a lot of opportunities waiting for you. This is a group of financial analysts, experts and enthusiasts who have deep knowledge about the world of finance. On this group, you will be able to meet people who have deep-rooted knowledge on stocks market and what you can invest your funds in, and rake in profit. However, the group is clearly against posting external links to avoid distraction. Currently, the group has 1,580 subscribers

MOF Singapore

This is the official telegram group of the Ministry of Finance, Singapore. This is one of the biggest platform where sensitive matters about the financial status of the country is being reported to Singaporeans. On the platform, subscribers receive a selection of financial and budget-related contents, especially all that has to do with the government of Singapore. This is more like citizens are getting aware of how the government is spending money, what they are spending it on and what to expect after every expenditure. Apart from expenditures, this group also exposes how the government generates money from different sectors and how government’s decision affects the common man. There are over 10,300 subscribers on the platform.

The Edge Singapore

Here’s another mind-blowing expert-filled telegram group. Basically, this group is filled with experts in the stock market and they also share news about the market to the group on a regular basis. After sharing information about the stock markets, The Edge Singapore believes that some people are not able to decide what to do with the priceless information. Hence, they help subscribers with dose of investment ideas. They also ensure that you do not invest wrongly. So, if you need to be on a group that basically discuses about stock market and investment ideas, here’s the best place for you to be. Currently, the group has about 6,900 subscribers!

Crypto Singapore

By default, one would not need to think too long to guess what this group is all about – Cryptocurrency. This is a group with updated analysis about the crypto market as well as exchange services. So, if you want to trade your coin for cash or in exchange for another, it’s the place to do that. It’s a cryptocurrency trading platform based in S’pore with over 20 years experience in the industry. This company has their own coin known as the CRO, which was launched in 2018. They have a handful of experts whose primary work is to analyse the market and predict market trend. Today, there are over 9,000 subscribers on their telegram channel.


Coinhako is yet another reliable network of brokers in the cryptocurrency business. The primary function of the telegram group is to ensure every subscriber on the channel gets a real-time cryptocurrency price notification as well as price alerts. You will be able to view and trade for all of your cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, DODGE, CAD etc. On Coinhako, market analysts are already doing their work to fetch reliable market information that subscribers will work on, and trade to profit. This group is a gateway to making a fortune in the crypto market as airdrops are dropped every time as freebies to all members of the platform. Today, there are over 1,100 subscribers on this telegram group.


Tesla Community Singapore

Tesla is a big brand in the automobile industry. Tesla Community Singapore telegram group is a platform where latest news about Tesla Motors are reeled out to subscribers on a regular basis. Apart from Tesla Motors, some other fruitful discussions on this platform include information about Tesla as a stock market, Tesla car accessories and even discussions about Space X. So, if you’re a car fanatic or a follower of Elon Musk, you might need to be in this channel. Real-time news are shared on this platform and you’ll also have fun interacting with people who share the same feeling as you, regarding the automobile industry. Currently, there are over 270 subscribers on the channel.

Aerox Buy/Sell Singapore

Aerox is also an household name in the automobile industry. Most especially, those who are lovers of motorbikes would not hesitate to share their experience and love for Aerox bikes. The primary function of the telegram group is to keep you up-to-date on the latest news about their motorbikes. They also share updates on latest versions of bikes that are just injected into the market; their specifications and every other detail. Apart from sales of Motorbikes, Aerox also has presence in the stock market where people can trade and buy shares. Aerox also specialises in sales of bike spare parts, servicing, repair and maintenance. Currently, there are about 2,691 members in the telegram group.


Audiophiles Singapore

Everybody wants to shop in a reliable electronics store because of the fear of buying fake and substandard products. If you have bought an electronic equipment or audio records, you realise that some of these vendors sell substandard products and when you return them back for refund, hell is going to lose. So, Audiophiles Singapore telegram group is one of the best platforms to get all audio equipments and records, vinyl etc. without fear. To some people, the quality of an audio equipment is very important to them. They don’t care if they have to spend extra, all they just care about is a reliable vendor. So, if you need one, Audiophiles Singapore is the best choice for you. Currently, there are 55 members on their telegram group.

SG Electronics hot buys

If you want to buy any electronics product, you really need to have an idea of what you want to buy. Electronics product should be tested, and proven to be in good state before you pay for them. However, some electronics can prove to be in good shape when you buy them and on getting home, you realise they are nothing but Trojan horses. So, you should get a reliable electronics dealer like the SG electronics hot buys. They are into sales of different home and electronics products such as TV, Speaker, sound system, fan etc. All of these products come with at least, one year guarantee. Which means you can always return them, should they develop mechanical fault within the first year. You also get the review of each product on this platform before you buy them. Currently, there are 4,600 subscribers on the channel.



Dates are usually one of the most memorable things every lover wants to experience in their relationship. Going to places that make you smile, have fun and even do some sightseeing. However, not many people know the best places for an occasion like this. If you’re looking for the best place to have a group outing or date with your lover, let Good-2-go handle that for you. On this channel, you’re able to access hundreds of places you can spend holidays with your partner and have a memorable one. With Good-2-go, you will be able to discover hidden cafes and hangouts in Singapore. Whether it is a cool place with no noise or hangouts with a lot of people around, Good-2-go got you covered! You can just try out one of the trendy hangouts this weekend with your partner. Currently, this channel has 72,802 subscribers

sgDatings Global Online Dating Match

If you are looking for a platform to meet your other half, here’s a golden opportunity for you. Here’s a platform where you get to meet people, connect and probably start a relationship together. On the platform, you can send in your specifications and other features you want in a partner. And when someone with those qualities see your request, they spark conversation from there. The group is for all groups of people. If you’re a working-class or a student, it’s all suitable for you. If you want to experience all the goodies that come with the group, just click on the group above and you’re in. Currently, the group has less than 1,000 members but you can definitely find a good match for yourself.


Singapore Condo & HDB

Everybody needs some sorts of investment, and buying a home or land is usually the best investment option. In Singapore, the government controls about 90% of housing projects while the staggering 10% goes to the private sector. Of the 10%, it’s usually not easy to know the reliable person to bank with. The market is filled with a lot of scammers and rippers who are everly ready to take advantage of people’s ignorance. So, you need a place where the most reliable information about how to buy a home can be fetched without falling into the trap of the wicked ones. So, if you need a platform for that, kindly click on the link and join today. On this platform, you’ll be able to see different offers, descriptions and every other important information such as the location of the building. Currently, there are over 1,200 subscribers on this channel.


Whisky Deals Singapore

While some people’s choices are limited to juice, a lot of people can’t do without their favourite Whiskey (or Whisky). If you’re looking for an interactive telegraph group where you get to learn more about new brands of whisky and how to buy your favourites, Whisky Deals Singapore telegram group is the answer! There are vendors who specialise in sales of different brands of Whisky and will also give you tips on what’s best for you. Whisky brands such as Grants, Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, William Peel, Ballantine’s, Dewar’s and William Lawson’s are the most common brands of whisky you will encounter on the platform. Currently, there are about 237 members on the group.


SG Research Lobang

SG RESEARCH Lobang is an open channel where you have access to a number of research works and papers. As a University of college student, research is one of the requirements to bag a degree. As lecturers and PhD students, research works that are related to your field of study is needed to complete your thesis. Hence, the problem really isn’t about the resources needed to carry out these research but the platform to get such resources. Here, on the telegram group, there are several tens of researchers who have deep knowledge on different areas of studies. As a freelance researcher, you can as well submit your research papers on the platform for public consumption. All you have to do is click on the link above and you’re in. Currently, there are 4,266 subscribers on the channel.


Student Perks

Students tend to be thrifty with money especially if they are not getting much from home or they are relying on part-time jobs for survival. However, this may sometimes be hard to do because every student wants to enjoy him/herself as much as possible. But with a Student Perks telegram channel, you can live as though you are rich. The deals on this platform are tailored in a way to satisfy your needs and buy whatever you want for yourself at discounted prices. As a student, you have the chance to get items such as drinks, food etc at student-exclusive discounts. Although, this channel is a closed group. This means you can only join by getting invited through the link (which has been attached to this article above). Currently, the platform has over 41,000 subscribers.

Singapore Tuition Assignments – SgTuition

If you’re a professional teacher and you’ve been dreaming all your life to make cool cash with it, sgTuition might be the best place for you to start. Here’s a platform where teaching jobs and assignment requests are posted for everyone who has interest to pick and get paid. The job offers are posted with other vitals information such as the location of the one who needs the service, attached. Other information that comes along with job postings on the telegram channel includes the time your service will be needed, the duration, rate and subjects to teach. Sometimes, you also have the freedom to quote your rate to your potential client. It is also safe to call the group a haven of intellects as it’s majorly composed of tutors who are professional in different areas of academics. Currently, there are 13,500 subscribers on the channel.


Singapore Freebies by Sharetings

If you’re moving from one house to another, you’re likely to have some not-so-bad items you want to give out to the needy and less-priviledged in the society. Singapore Freebies by Sharetings is the best platform to put out these items and give to those who might need them. There’s no limit to what you can dash out on this platform. You can dash out bags, shoes, clothes and even furnitures. Long before now, people used to head to Salvation Army to dash items out to the needy but technology has made things better. You can not donate items to people from the comfort of your room by using this Telegram channel. Currently, there are over 10,700 subscribers on the channel.


Plants Buy/Sell/Trade SIngapore

Plants are way beyond making homes and environments beautiful. It’s a biological fact that humans depend on the oxygen gas released by plants to live. Hence, it’s a big encouragement for all and sundry to inculcate the habit of planting trees around. Although, not everybody has the resources (land) needed to plant trees. Hence, a need to device another means of having trees and ornamental trees around. If you’re looking for a platform to get beautiful flower vases and ornamental plants to beautiful your home, then you should concise joining this telegram channel. It’s platform where you see different ornamental plants for sale. You also get to know more about the benefits of plants in the environment. Currently, there are about 200 members on the group.


Wedding Buy/Sell SG

A lot of people put more effort on wedding preparations as an activity than they put on wedding clothes and other important aspect of the event. For anyone who wants to get married soon, and needs a platform to get all their wedding items, this is undoubtedly where to go. Although, it’s a C2C business platform. You can not post external links to your products (as a seller) on the group. To advertise your product, you may have to leave a message for the admin. This is done to put orderliness on the platform, and to ensure that rippers are not taking the opportunity to scam people. There are over 2,000 active subscribers on the group.


Singapore Sneakers & Streetwear Talk

As a matter of fact, looking good should be everyone’s business. Everyone should be mindful of how they’re dressed, and be sure they’re updated on the trendy news regarding fashion and wears. Sneakers give you some sort of comfort, and class when you’re wearing them. However, it matters a lot if you’re wearing the latest and trendy sneakers or you’re not on a channel that keeps you abreast of the latest fashion news. For the latest news about fashion, you sure should be looking forward to Singapore Sneakers and Streetwear Talk channel on Telegram. This group is update every day to give subscribers news on the trendy Streetwears and Sneakers in town. Currently, there are more than 1,300 subscribers on the platform, and that’s enough a reason for you to join today!