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Are you a fan of native developments, and wish to do app projects that are completely native? This is just the best article you will ever read, and will live to remember as something that changed your dreams to reality. Okay! Let’s explore the basics you ought to know about React Native.

  • Allows you to Create Android or iOS native Apps

Can’t believe what you just read? Here is more, React Native comes as the best in the group of JavaScript library. The JavaScript makes it possible for native app developers to put the masterpieces together to create the best apps for Android or iOS respectively.

Did I mention that there is still more about it? Of course not, here it is; React Native also provides developers with a great opportunity to upgrade the already existing native app projects. Not only that, but it is also the best tool for developing an app even from the scratch.

  • Apps created can share the native platforms

Your app project should not give you headache as you think about its relationship with the native platforms. Come on cheer up! The apps created with React Native are on the safe side to work just like other apps that operate on APIs. React Native makes available the UI platform for your app.

You also don’t need to worry about how your app will make use of the common technology, because React Native gives an opportunity to create two platforms where you can have one coded with a single codebase with specific instructions and use it to control the other platform by simply transmitting the code from the one with a codebase. This makes managing two platforms easy at a go.

  • Native Development without Compromise

Create your app with React Native without forsaking your user’s experience or even having it compromised in any way, as this app is the best when it comes to building apps that are entirely native. It is also important to note that the agnostic features that include image, view and text are not left behind, and they work perfectly with the help of the UI building blocks of the native platform that provides a direct linkage to the app.

  • Organised Platform Connectivity

As mentioned earlier React Native features the JavaScript which works together with the declarative paradigm in making sure that there is complete connectivity between the APIs and the native code as React Native wraps up the existing native code. Developers are even encouraged to keep getting better at all times.

  • Help to complete work in time

Ever heard of lightning speed? That’s exactly what it is like working with React Native. The JavaScript component makes work much easier when it comes to making and saving any changes on any app project, as you can see the changes made immediately without having to wait for the whole process to finish up.

In summing up, React Native app has been designed for all native app developers who wish to continue seeing Android and iOS operating on pure native apps. Don’t let those ideas die within you, let React Native help you give birth to a product of your mind instead.