The Shopify platform is one of the most famous e-commerce business platforms found on the internet. It allows you listing your own products as well dropshipping third parties products. Creating your Shopify store is easy, importing products is easy as well. The maximum efforts should be allocated to having sufficient traffic in order to increase your sales. The secret is about creating the content that is attractive, along with choosing the outstanding layout.

Shopify in brief:

Shopify is a platform of e-commerce that allows you creating an online store where you can sell your products or to do dropshipping.  The last process consists in importing third parties products (such as aliexpress) and sell them as your own. The Shopify platform offers a wide list of tools that you can benefit from when you subscribe for an account.  Development and design tools complete the package of marketing solutions and reliable customer support services.

Shopify layouts: alternate layout files.

To do dropshipping on the Shopify platform, you have to create your store by setting the layout. Actually, you can pick a good free or paid template to set it as your portal. Somehow, for better visibility, it is recommended that you create a custom layout. Well, Shopify allows it and it provides you with the needed tools. If you find it hard, you may engage a freelance web designer Singapore.

In fact,  creating the custom layout is not only about making it different but it about making it load at a reasonable speed. This process is made possible by the feature introduced by Shopify in the template creation section: the creation of the alternate layout files.

Layout files are scripts that determine the appearance of the webpage. The new part is that you can create a file that will be used on all the pages of the online store, without the need of writing down the desired properties every time.

On the other hand, the alternate layout files are intended to ensure the proper displaying of the content in all possible contexts. They are made, probably, to achieve the responsiveness among other purposes.

Product description: custom vs imported:

The product description has to be unique and SEO rich. You may import the product with the default description, but in this case, there is a great risk of confusing the customer and he may opt for the importation source. Making your own description is the way of controlling the SEO compliance. With the optimized content, you will definitely excel the competitors.

The content has to be accurate and with good flow. Avoid to be pushy, yet you have to hide a powerful call to action. If you can’t create outstanding content, you should hire a professional writer to do the work. The work done, it is essential to perform regular amendments I order to keep the content fresh and up to date.


Improving the visibility of the Shopify store is not only a work of the marketers; it is also the work of web developers and the web designers. In fact, the marketing campaigns begin with the creation of the distinguished layout and the outstanding content. After that, selling will be a matter of product choice, no more no less.