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Sometimes, when you are browsing the World Wide Web, some ads are displayed and they are related to your center of interest, even though you are not yet logged on your favorite websites. This recognition may surprise you; yet it will have no secret for you, especially if know that it is nothing but the result of the use of what it is called “cookies.” Cookies are, actually, some elements that perhaps all the websites use nowadays. The importance of cookies is due to a set of properties and several benefits.
Creation and management of cookies:
Cookies are text documents that the website saves on your computer. These documents contain information about your browsing session related to the website. In fact, a cookie saves time for the users when they use a website that requires being logged in. The process starts when you load a particular page Perhaps all programming languages can create cookies.
It is possible to create, read, overwrite or delete cookies. Besides, users are usually prompt to allow the storage of cookies on their computers. Denying the cookies can sometimes dramatically affect the browsing sessions.
Properties of cookies:
The created cookie has a set of values that are defined by the creator. The most important are the name of the cookie, the expiring time and the stored data. The cookies creator can define what properties to include in the cookie; only one property, the name of the cookie, is required and all the others are optional notably expiry time.
Importance of cookies:
The collected data by reading the content of the cookie is used in several ways by the website which creates the cookies as well as others websites and applications.
Cookies are very useful for the website statistics: by collecting the cookies, the website manager can have an idea about the success of the website essentially the traffic amount and the click through. Also, they can tell valuable information about the user’s activities and preferences and therefore can help marketing campaigns by displaying ads according to the collected data.
These data can help robots, used by the search engines, to situate the users in an appropriate audience and then help rank websites by popularity.
Cookies are usually considered by antivirus software as unwanted applications. In fact, they are seen as “spy” applications which detect your activities then send the reports to someone else. This why the policies are straight and every website, that uses cookies, is obliged to be transparent about its cookies policy. The website must inform users of it and, it should ask for permission. This adds a touch of proficiency and respect.  To revise your cookie policy, let your freelance web designer singapore know.