One of the most discussed topics in web design right now is the responsive web design. Those who are new to the term may be wondering what this specific term means. Responsive design is the solution to many of the problems of the website. There are various advantages of this, such as it will help your website to become mobile friendly, improves how the website looks through any device, helps to increase the number of visitors to the website. Let’s take a look at what responsive web design is and why it is so important for any website.

A quick look at responsive web design:

The way of designing the website in such a manner that it will scale the elements and the contents automatically, matching the size of the screen of the device through which the website is being viewed. Responsive design will prevent the image from being scaled larger than the width of the device screen. Also, the visitors viewing the website through the mobile will not need to go through the extra hassles when reading the contents.

Why is responsive web design important?

  • To increase the number of website visitors to the website, it is important that the viewers don’t need to go through the extra efforts to read the contents; otherwise, the viewers will not be interested in checking out the website further by reading more content. This is a huge disadvantage as then the traffic to the website will decrease significantly.
  • When responsive design is implemented, it will ensure that the website viewers will not need to do the scrolling, panning, resizing or zooming that is unnecessary when browsing through the website, which has not been optimized, keeping the idea of different devices in mind. When it’s difficult to browse through the website, there is a greater chance that the viewer will get frustrated when trying to navigate the website.
  • With the help of responsive web design and a freelance web designer Singapore, the need for designing a mobile dedicated website is no longer required. This is because the website will be automatically able to scale according to the device that the viewer is using.
  • At present, users are using devices of various sizes. Those days are gone when someone would only use a PC or a laptop to view a website. The number of users viewing the website through Smartphone and tablet is growing with the increasing accessibility of these devices.
  • There are many advantages when opting for responsive web design for any website. It is cost effective as you will not need to maintain two different websites for audiences with different devices. A lot of money will be saved. It will greatly improve the user experience, benefiting the website in return with an increased number of website traffic. A good website that is responsive also looks professional, with a positive impression on the website viewers. In fact, Google has started to reward the mobile platform optimized websites and being a mobile-friendly website will also help to increase the rank of the website in the search engine. This will allow more website exposure to the greater number of users.

In short, it can be said that, responsive web design has become an industry standard and an important strategy for any website which should not be overlooked to get the best from your website.