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The HTML code contains a wide number of tags. These tags share a wider number of attributes that can take different values. Among them, the “alt” attribute is one important one that has been misused and underestimated. In fact, it is not an obsolete attribute that should not be used; it is an important factor that can save a website reputation and reduce the bouncing rate of users. Therefore, the impact of this attribute is important to use positively. But first, let’s learn about this attribute and how it is used.


Defining the “alt” attribute:

The alt attribute is an element of the opening tag of several  HTML  components. Generally,  it found in the image tag since it offers a replacement information when the image cannot be loaded properly. Therefore, “alt” is the abbreviation of “alternative”.

The “alt” attribute takes a text as a value. The text will be displayed instead of a broken image thumbnail.


<img src=”the URL” alt=”descriptive text”> </div>


This attribute allows the browser to use default values when the primary component can’t be found; this situation is frequent when the browser is not fully configured or does not support the implemented CSS style.

This attribute is preferably used with the IMG, AREA, and INPUT tags.

Impact of the “alt” attribute:

The alt attribute can be of great importance when it is for SEO purposes. The web developer has to take in consideration the following factors:

Users’ factor:

This attribute is important for users in two ways. First, normal users are likely to want to understand the content of the image of the desired element if it does not display properly. The reality is that users appreciate the respectful website; the website should tell in words what it can’t tell in the image. The second-way interests people with disabilities, unpaired people, prefer to use applications that read texts for them; these applications will, therefore, hit the ”alt” attribute.

Search engine factor:

Nowadays, search engines display research results pages with exclusively of images. If the image doesn’t contain an “alt” attribute, the search engine will not be able to reference it and therefore it has low chance to be displayed in search results.


The alt attribute is a very SEO factor. It allows the website to reach a wider audience. In fact, search results in images, as well as freelance web designer singapore companies that use images (e-commerce platforms for example), are more likely to be understandable and consultable by all perhaps all people. The use of the alt attribute is, therefore, a sign that signs the professional prints of the business owner and the web developer.