The acceptance of Google’s Flutter – the modern software tool for building beautiful mobile apps – is on the rise globally. Flutter does not replace the original Android and the iOS models. Rather, as an app engine that is fast, Flutter can be embedded into an existing mobile application or it could be used to build a new app from the scratch.

App developers and designers often wish to create apps that illustrates their creative vision but doing so in the past have been frustrated due to the limitations of the previously available framework. Flutter bridges that gap so that app designers can express themselves creatively without any limitations with the help of Flutter framework.

Flutter enables app developers to oversee every pixel displayed on the screen with powerful capabilities. With Flutter, overlaying and animating video, text, and graphics can be done without any limitations.

Flutter is programmed to be fast. By design, Flutter offers glitch-free and crash-free graphics while running at the speed of each user’s mobile device. Flutter is written in Dart – a world class language that allows compilation both on ARM codes for Android and the Apple’s operating system.

Flutter is very efficient and productive. Flutter comes with new revolutionary technology that enables pp designers and developers to iterate on their mobile apps or make changes in real time and the app will reload or restart itself without any malfunctioning or loss of data. This key characteristic is why developers can complete the building of mobile apps with Flutter in a record time and this invariably enhances productivity in app development.

Flutter is also an open source software which means it is available for free for the use of developers. Though Flutter is relatively new on the market, yet its momentum of development in the ecosystem is so much that there are thousands of plug-ins already developed to work with this highly promising mobile app development tool.

In Flutter, there is a mobile app development solution that enables efficient and accelerated graphics based on hardware capacity. Above all, all apps developed using Flutter is a native app.