They say when you are limited in the knowledge of what something is all about, you are limited in the way you would benefit from it. Let that not be you when it comes to React Native. Below are the details about React Native you did not know exist.

  • The ability to Create native Android or iOS apps

Being a top performing app in the class of JavaScript library, React Native is useful in compiling the best features of a native development to come up with user interfaces for your apps.

There is actually more you need to know about React Native and its relationship with native app development. This also allows you to build your android or iOS app right from the scratch. As if that is not enough, React Native also offers you an opportunity to improve even the already existing app projects.

  • Able to Share Native Platforms

Are you concerned about the ability of your apps created having a relationship with the native platform? Well, worry no more because the apps created with Native React work normally just like other apps that have access to the APIs. React Native has all that sorted out for you by the provision of the native IU platform.

Meanwhile, you also don’t have to worry about sharing any common technological features. React Native provides an opportunity to create a platform that can have a single codebase configuration with specific instructions and this can be used to send the code of instruction to another platform. As a result, it is easy even to manage two platforms at the same time.

  • Uncompromised Native Development Power

Do you value your user’s experience with native developments? React Native is just the best tool you have on the table to help you maintain that without compromise, because all apps created with it are completely native. Moreover, all agnostic features such as text, image and view are completely subject to the native UI building blocks platform.

  • Connect Continually Across Platforms

With the help of JavaScript and the declarative paradigm there is great connectivity between the native code and the APIs, as the features of React Native wrap the native code in place. This in turn encourages the emerging app developers, and better still keeps the already established teams energized to work even faster.



  • The unmatchable Speed

Working with React Native empowers the user to work with an unusual speed like that of lightning, where developers have a chance to make any changes to their projects and see the results as quickly as possible. This means there is no need to start waiting for the native builds to finish up the process to see the effects of the changes made.

In conclusion, React Native is the best app that offers you a wide range of choices when it comes to native app developments for Android or iOS. Now that you know, get your projects started with React Native. Remember, React Native, keeps it completely native!