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Life has never been this good and easier knowing that information and ideas on how to get the most out of it has been brought closer to our homes and work places with the help of Web Design. Well, let’s explore this together and get to know the truth about Web Design.


To get started, let’s look at what Web Design is. Web Design can be explained in its simplicity as that entire process applied by freelance web designers in Singapore when building up a website. Through this process all aesthetic characteristics of a website are realized. These characteristics include the layout, user interface and of course the visual factors that determine how good looking and appealing the website will be to the users. Not forgetting the whole design must also be very user friendly.


However, as easy is Web Design may sound, it is also very important for ay designer to have the target group in mind and be able to state the purpose a particular website will be serving once created. It is this factor in addition to an attractive appearance that would make the Website to standout.


To create the good looking website, different designers use different programs of their choice to create the best web they could. Thus, programs such as Dream weaver, Photoshop and many more are put to use.


Among the most used programs in web designing include the program called Hypertext Markup Language, (HTML). This is a coded language whose function is to help the websites get displayed successfully on the client’s browser. This program constitutes specific tags that are dedicated to identifying the content of the website on every page.


When the website has been successfully coded using HTML, the website is further worked on using the program known as Cascading Style Sheets denoted as CSS. It is this program that controls the overall visual appearance of the website. Once this program has been used, it is regarded as the standard language that gives an acceptable and clear description regarding the format of the Markup Language for the page. Furthermore, using CSS in web designing makes the separation of content from the visual elements of the page much easier, due to the availability of an HTML file link that connects with the file for CSS under normal circumstances.


Hey! Did you know that in web designing there is what is called Content Management? If you never did, here it is. Once you have had the website designed, the program called WordPress would be one of the programs you need as a Content Management System (CMS). So what does this mean? Well, WordPress enables you to perform the following on your Web with easy; writing, editing and publishing of content respectively.


Other useful programs that help to set up a website include ReactJS. This program is good for managing all views for web or mobile apps with ease. Additionally, making apps that allow user to make changes to data without reloading the page has been made easier for developers. ReactJS also has a provision for developers to reuse the UI in their projects.


In conclusion, Web Design is no longer a mystery for you. With knowledge on how the HTML, CSS, WordPress and ReactJS work, you already have the truth you can start with in building that website you have always wanted.