If you are a native app developer but have been having challenges to start or even finish your projects, what you are about to discover in this article might just be what you need to hit the finishing line. Below is an outline of the truth you never knew about React Native.

  • Helps in Native App Creation

Still wondering and panicking because you don’t know what to do next about that Android or iOS native app? Well, things just got great for you; React Native can actually help in the building of interfaces for your apps. All this is a dream come true because the app comes as the best in the JavaScript library class.

Apart from creating the interfaces for apps, React Native is an important tool that helps to build an app from the scratch of ideas, while at the same time can provide assistance in beefing up the already existing app projects for Android and iOS native apps.

  • Has Unlimited Native Platform Sharing Ability

React Native app just got bigger and better in the capacity of its operations. Its ability to provide the UI native platform has made it possible for native app developers to create apps that work just like all other apps that use APIs native platform.

It is also every developers desire to see to it that the new app created has the ability to share common technology. Thankful, that is exactly what React Native helps you to do. How? Here is the answer; using React Native has a provision where two platforms can be created to share the same technology. By doing so, you can make one platform with a single codebase that can be used to share the code with the other. As a result, you get to understand that two platforms would be managed at once without any difficulties.

  • Promotes Native Development

Is your user’s experience with your native development something you wish to maintain without compromise? Don’t let that be one of the things you stress about, React Native is there to promote the creation of total native apps. More interestingly, the agnostic features like view, image and text are ever present in your apps developed.

  • Lightning Speed Guarantee

One of the notable challenges developers keep facing is that of having to wait for builds to finish the process for them to see any changes made to the app project. However, that is not the case with React Native, because the user gets to makes changes and save the work as fast as possible and also see the result right there and then.

Lastly, here is the take home message; React Native has come to make life easier for all native app developers. You can create native apps for Android and iOS like within the blink of an eye. No more sweating like you are on a marathon race, just go the React Native way instead.