Success in Web Development begins with acquiring and understanding the knowledge on the two most important parts involved in website building. Thus, the purpose of this piece of writing is to highlight the two backbones of Web Development. Read on and get ready to learn!

Web development is an exciting venture that is undertaken in two main parts when one wants to set up a website to serve a given purpose. And the first one you must know about is called Front-end development.

The front-end development of web design is that type of set up where developers do everything possible to create something website users would be able to work with once the site has been established. For this very reason, the other name used to refer to front-end development is the client-side development.

In this type of web development, a number of program which include HTML, CSS as well as Java are used.

On the other hand, the second type or part of a complete web development set up includes what is known as the back-end development. This is literally the opposite of the first one. Instead of being set up for clients’ use, the back-end development is focused on three major components namely server, application and database. As a matter of fact, this type of web development is also referred to as the server-side development.

In back-end development developers also have a good number of valuable programs that are specifically dedicated to carrying out activities such as monitoring and maintaining the operations of the websites at all times.

Some examples of programs that are used in back-end development include PHP, Ruby on Trails, Python, SQL among others. All these programs work together in bringing about what are known as dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites are those sites whose information can easily be changed or even upgraded anytime right from the database.

Among the functions performed by the back-end programs such as Ruby on trails and Python include that of data calculations and business logics. Interestingly, Ruby on Trails and Python have similar functionalities.

In conclusion, for every web designer to record any tangible success there is need to have adequate knowledge on the two parts of web development namely the front-end and back-end development. At least one must have knowledge on one or both of them. Above all, a proper understanding of the programs used in both parties is the greatest empowerment.