In most instances people don’t pay attention to discovering new things and ideas. But let that be far from you and allow yourself to discover the wonder of React Native you must know as explained below.

  • The Native Apps Framework

Wow! Does this ring a bell to you? Do you know what this means? Well, here is the deal; React Native is a classic JavaScript library product. Hence, it acts as a resource for building the app interfaces for Android or iOS by the gathering of best native developments.

Meanwhile, for all who love to think outside the box and allow new ideas to freely flow, React Native can help you build the already existing native app projects to a greater level or standard without any trouble. The other reality that comes with the app is that one can even easily start an app from the scratch.

  • Native Platform Sharing Availability

Several apps are designed to function by the use of APIs native platform, in the same way creating apps with React Native makes them nothing different where access to the native platforms is concerned. This is all as a result of the UI native platform provided by React Native.

Here is something very encouraging too about the sharing of native platforms, the apps you create with React Native are also not left out in having an equal share in the use of common technology. You can share any common technology between two platforms and manage the two at once. All you need is to have one platform coded with a single codebase. Once that is done, the other platforms will only be controlled by the use of the instruction code sent from the coded platform.

  • Keeps it All Native

This aspect is what makes React Native even outstanding; the maintenance of user’s experience has been simplified with this app. Because all apps created are uncompromised native. With the help of UI native platform’s building blocks, all apps feature the native agnostic characteristics which include text, image and view.

  • Easy Cross-Platform Connectivity

The connection between the declarative UI paradigm and the JavaScript brings about cross-platform connectivity. In this instance the exiting native code is wrapped by the components of React Native, leading to more new teams coming on board to promote more native developments while helping the already existing developers to work with speed.


  • Guarantee Results with Speed

If time wasting is not your hobby then this is just the knowledge you must get about React Native. Engaging this app on your native app developments means reducing on wastage of time on having to wait for the native builds to complete their process, because with React Native all changes made are saved instantly, and you can even see the changes right in that moment.

In conclusion, when your dream and greatest desire is to see more native apps for Android and iOS this is just all you needed to know. How about giving React Native a reaction by taking that step to go and finish or even start your natively developed app?