Best Thermal Printers in Singapore [2022 Guide]

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What is a thermal printer?

A thermal printer is a one that uses a heated thermal printhead which is pressed on a thermal paper to produce black text.

Label Printers

A thermal label printer is usually used by E-commerce shops who are required to paste labels on their goods for delivery and shipment purposes. Usually, the label printed is sticky so that it can be stuck onto the product.

Bluetooth + USB
PinSingapore 3 pin plug
Operating SystemWINDOWS
iPhone 、IOS (Printing is relatively slow on Apple phones, while printing on Android phones is fast)
Printing speed152mm/s
Printing width20-108mm
Printing Resolution203dpi
Input Power supply
AC 110-240V
Output Power supply
DC 24V/2A
Max Label paper width
Compatible Paper TypeThermal Paper (Continuous/Gap/Folding/Black mark)
automatic maintenance yes


Receipt Printers

A thermal receipt printer is usually used by physical shops who are require to produce receipts upon purchase of goods and services. It has various purposes such as proof of purchase if the item is defective and the receipt can be used to process a refund or return.

Types of shops that uses a thermal receipt printer

  • Restaurants
  • Salons/Spa


A thermal printer supplier is one who has a wide range of printers for selection and usually sold in bulk quantities. Besides printers, the supplier also supplies the paper rolls which comes in different size e.g 80mm and 54mm.


A portable thermal printer is usually sized in 54mm which can be brought around easily.

Types of shops that will use

  • pasar malam shops
  • push carts
  • small retail shops


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