The creation of a website intended to be a social media platform is a process that needs great attention. In fact, creating such a platform requires to ensure the sustainability of a high volume of increasing traffic and an important number of simultaneous investigations of the databases. There are some tips that allow the best management of such websites. The best tips are those to perform during the creation process which you can tell your freelance web designer Singapore. There are also things that you should avoid if you are creating a social media website.

Introducing the social media platform:

The social media platform is a website that allows users to create accounts with private logins and passwords, and communicate with each other using the several options offered by the platform notably messaging and reciprocal comments. The content of the platform is mainly posts created by the users and shared materials. The posts are about various topics, yet there are terms of use that defines the usage of the platform.

Besides, social media platforms are characterized by their responsiveness. Moreover, they seem to be built for the mobile networks since almost all users connect using their mobile devices.  Also, these networks are characterized by the real-time interactions which allow an amazing outreach of the information.

Requirements of the social media platform:

The social media platform has two main requirements to fulfill in order to be considered attractive and efficient.


The security requirements fulfill the privacy and the safety. The safety can be described as the safety of the device you use to connect to the social media, and privacy describes the data stored on the server notably personal data and the user activity on the platform.

Server capacity:

The server should have an increased storage capacity as well as solid computing ability. The multi-users behavior has to be maintained. The speed and the bandwidth are determining factors of the success of the platform, and they depend on the server capacity.

Things to avoid when creating the social media platform:

Nonetheless, there are several mistakes and bad practices that would bring down the whole business. In order to achieve the best results from your social media platform, it is recommended to avoid the following selected practices.

Use any technology to create the platform:

Using any technology, which means any developing framework or software, in order to create the social media platform can be penalizing. In fact, there are some technologies that are more adapted to this kind of development than others.

Use templates for the website creation:

Don’t opt for templates when designing the layout. It will lose the platform identity and will be mistaken for some other businesses.

Implement free applications:

Grant access to everyone:

The platform should have rules and restrictions in order to show respect to the audience. There is no way to grant the access to anyone who logs on. There must be a minimum of condition to be eligible for membership.


Social media platforms are designed for the right people. The creation process has to consider the “recruitment” rules. In fact, your subscribers are the real content creators and you are the company holder. You should know how to manage your company and the staff in order to achieve the success of the business.