If you are thinking of becoming Android app developer then it’s very, in fact, nothing is difficult but to become a successful developer requires efforts, failures, and courage. There is no shortcut to becoming a developer in a week, you have to spend time and you have to be patients.

In Android app development, the main focus is on programming or coding. You need to learn programming languages before diving into Android app development. Coding can’t be learned in a single, you need more practice to become successful.

However, on your quest of becoming a successful Android app developer we have jotted down some productive tips for learning android app development in an efficient way.

Get into learning internals of Android SDK

Before moving on to coding and other stuff, first of all, learn how android SDK internal. Discover the backend things of Android SDK. It will give wide exposure to the working and development of an android app. Although it would take some time it’s worth learning and surely benefit you in the long run.

You need patience and experience

Working on Android app development requires a lot of patience because you are not going to learn everything in one go. You learn by experience, you make mistakes and learn. So, if you are thinking of to dive in android app development then you should have to be patient.

Work on trying new things

First of all, start learning the basics and then work on learning and discovering new things to increase your productivity. Try to work on new ideas that can give you exposure to new things. Playing with new ideas will broaden your mind and ultimately you have good chances to earn a handsome income.

Do reverse engineering

In the beginning, it is better to copy and paste source codes and then learn how it works. Go through the code and twist lines so to understand the functionality. Learning in this way will surely increase productivity and you will have more chances to become a successful Android app developer.

Be your own criticizer

Always believe in yourself and your ideas. If you are thinking and working on to develop a new app then do it confidently. Always become your own critic i.e. why someone would install your app? What your app has that someone should install it. Doing this or evaluating your will definitely boost your confidence and increase your productivity in a fruitful way.