There are various types of software development methods available. One of the most common development methods is the Waterfall development method, which is used by many developers out there. There are various advantages and disadvantages of using this method. Waterfall methodology is rooted in sequence and logic. To help you out, let’s take a look at some tips for new developer regarding waterfall development method.


A quick look at waterfall development method and some tips:

  1. Waterfall development method is divided into 6 different stages. These stages are mentioned below:
  • Requirements of the project- During this stage, the necessary system requirements are analyzed methodically and they are noted down in a specification document. This will serve as a foundation for any developments in the future. The document will show what the application will carry out, but it will not show how it should carry out the functions.
  • The second stage is the analyzing stage. In this stage, the system will analyze to create the business logic and the model in a proper manner. The generated business logic and models are to be used in the application.
  • The design stage will generally cover the requirements of the technical design. Some of these requirements are data layers, programming language, and services etc. The design specification will generally cover the outlines of how the business logic, will be implemented technically, that is covered in the analysis.
  • The fourth step is where the coding is written and this implements the service integrations, business logic, and the models.
  • Testing stage is where various testers such as beta testers, QA testers to report the problems, after discovering them in the application, that needs to be solved. It is also common for this stage to do a repeat out of a necessity of the former coding stages. This is done in order to show the bugs, which needs to be destroyed.
  • In the operations stage, the application is all set to be deployed. This stage also consists of the necessary maintenance and the support for the application that has been deployed. This is necessary to keep the application to function properly and updated.
  1. There are various advantages of using the waterfall method. Even though there is a slight decline in its use in recent times, as developers are heading out for more popular options. Some of its advantages are discussed in this paragraph. Waterfall method can easily get adapted to teams that shift. In waterfall method, the design burden is placed on the main document, and less on the team member, so that if any team member leaves, there’s no issue created due to the member leaving in the project.
  2. Waterfall development method encourages and promotes interactions that are face to face. Documentation of the results is done through email.
  3. For promoting face to face interactions, the waterfall is the best method. Here, the team members interact with each other face to face to make progress in the project and to resolve any problems.