If you are a mobile enthusiast and social media lover then you must be fed up or irritated with frequently charging your phone and in this article, there are few tips that can extend the battery life of your phone. It is better to use mobile in a better way instead of replacing its battery.

Smartphone drains more battery power because the latest smartphones are using bigger screens with high brightness, a number of apps running in the background, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many more, they all are consuming battery.

Recently launched Android Version 9 (Pie) has got some new features like the adaptive battery in which it allows the user to set battery consumption for apps but that is not the solution. Below are a few tips that can help you improve your device battery life.

Uninstall or Turn off idle Apps

There are the number of apps in your smartphone that you use less often, so find these apps and go to apps section in settings and uninstall them. Uninstalling them will definitely help you to improve battery life.

Never overcharge your mobile

It has been observed that most smartphone users never bother to unplug their device when it is fully charged but they do not know that it has a negative impact on battery life. So, never overcharge your smartphone because it causes stress on the battery which ultimately leads to low battery life.

Reduce the brightness of the smartphone

People love using high brightness and colorful display but it drains the mobile battery at a very high pace. So, it is recommended that use mobile at low brightness or mostly mobiles come with auto-brightness features that help in optimize battery performance of the mobile phone.

Turn off location services, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

Locations services option and GPS are a real battery sucker. Most people keep GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth turn on for 24 hours but there is no use of them in spite of just reducing battery performance.

Do not Use vibration mode

If you prefer to receive alerts with vibration then change your preference because vibration consumes more power and ultimately drains the battery at high face. So, keep vibration turn off if you want a longer battery of your mobile phone.

Switch to dark wallpapers

Try to use dark wallpapers or preferable dark them for your mobile phone. It works if you have an OLED screen. Dark mode is preferable because many pixels stop consuming power which they use in light themes to light up.