The website creation process includes the web design phase and the web development phase usually done by a freelance web designer Singapore. The last one consists in traducing the design into codes in order to display properly in the browsers, and the development of applications that will perform particular tasks.

Every business has a particular set of applications; for example, an online shop has to display the payment applications, social media has to display content management applications and so forth. But, there are some tasks that need to be performed on any website no matter the purposes are and no matter the businesses are. The following lines are about the top essential application the website should display.

Introducing the concept of application:

An application is a program intended to perform particular tasks related to the website. This program, or lines of code, is usually written in a browser-supported language and may, or may not, require the server connectivity. Actually, dynamic web applications require some server-side coding and some client-side scripting to ensure the dynamic behavior, whereas some web applications work exclusively on the client-side and don’t require any server-side computing.

The essential tasks to fulfill by a website:

Websites are considered to be the digital versions of companies. They allow users to discover all that they need to know about the company and the business without moving to its place. The essential tasks the website has to fulfill are:

  • Interacting with users.
  • Promoting the business.
  • Build the reputation.

These three main purposes need to be supported by some specific applications.

Top applications to implement on the website:

Live chat applications:

This application ensures the live and actual communication with users. It is important to have an application that connects you to your audience in real-time because it shows the promptness of the staff to hear and respond to users questions. This application can include the three ways of communication: messages, voice calls, and video calls.

This application is not the replacement for the FAQs section or the Contact us section, but it is what the Customer care (support) section should have in order to reinforce the bounds with users.

The “Actualities” applications:

This application will occupy a particular zone on the web page and it will display, dynamically, the latest news, the pertinent actualities, and links to content that relates to the current page. Links will display regularly and dynamically. They can target content on the same website as well as content on partner websites. The application will retrieve the pertinent keywords and search the partners’ database and the website for related content then display the results as content suggestions.

The newsletter subscription application:

It is not evident but the newsletter subscription manager is an application. It works by adding entries and deleting entries from the subscribers’ list which nests in the database and then selecting the subscribers to contact upon their interest. The application is usually represented by dedicated software that will handle all the basic tasks along with some other features that will ensure the success of the business.


With the technological development and the increasing use of the mobile devices, the website would have an application that offers the basic features of the service. Not to be confused with responsiveness feature, the mobile application is the compressed version of the website with only the most essential functionalities.