If you are a new freelance web designer Singapore or you are someone who is learning web design, you will definitely need to know the trends in web design. Knowing the trends will help one to understand the position of the current industry. To help you to know more, let’s take a look at the top web design trends to know about.

Some top web design trends:

  • Animation is one of the top trends in web design. It helps to make the interface appear simple to understand. It will also help to save the time by conveying the message fast and it can also be interactive and informative for the viewers. With the help of animation, one can easily tell a story of what they are trying to convey to the targeted audience and it has proved to be highly effective in catching the attention of the viewers.  In fact, animation has proven to strengthen the brand image making it appear dynamic. One of the latest trends that we can find is the animated logo.
  • Another trend that many websites are currently following is the use of bold colours for the website. Bold colours help the website to get a vibrant look and it easily catches the attention of the viewers. At present, there are also many interesting uses of colours combined with other aspects to provide the best experience.
  • Typography has got great potential and this has become a trend to use stylish yet simple to understand typography for any website. In fact, one can combine maximum three different typographies for the brand identity. Typography can easily offer a personality to the brand and offer aesthetic look for the website.
  • The increased use of illustrations has also turned into a trend and why not!? Illustrations are simple yet interesting to catch the attention of any viewer. Increasing numbers of websites are opting to use illustrations for their websites. You can easily get illustrations of various shapes and sizes. They can also easily convey any specific information.
  • Responsive web design has truly become a trend and it seems that it will remain so for a long time. The number of Smartphone and tablet users accessing websites through these devices and this is why responsive web design plays its part in offering hassle free website browsing experience for the users.  Responsive web design easily helps to offer a mobile-friendly environment for the users of those devices to navigate better.
  • Another trend that is being followed is a faster loading time. Even if the website offers an aesthetic look, users are more likely to lose their interest and move away from the site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. It can be said that one of the important design parameters is speed when it comes to web design.
  • Page-less design or single webpage design is making its way as an upcoming trend. One page websites offer simplicity and they also offer a great look on various device screens. Also, they are faster to load. They also are categorized as mobile-friendly sites. As they are simple in design, they can also be managed easily without any issues.