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PHP contribute to about 70% of all code used in WordPress. This implies that for individual who have an interest in WordPress development, there is a need to be conversant with the language. However the major concern is that this programming language is outdated in the internet world. But learning Java language, you will have an upper hand as it is easier to learn and it will be easy to comprehend other programming language.

Our desire is to simplify your work so that you are not stuck on which programming language to learn first. We will discuss some of the best PHP tutorial for you folks so that you can advance your coding experience and not waste your precious time on monotonous learning tools.

Team Treehouse

One of the most significant reason I was in a position to progress in my freelance web designer singapore career was largely contributed by treehouse. I went through various programming tutorial but settle on the PHP courses since the quality of tutorial was in line with my expectation. They are several tutorials offered at treehouse, but you should check these four:

PHP for WordPress

You will learn how PHP is linked to WordPress hooks and loop. You will also learn most of the PHP fundamentals that will lay the foundation for theme development.

Beginner PHP

Beginner PHP is designed for individual who are complete green in programming world. The tutorial starts with design fundamental such as HTML and CSS, then add PHP code as you progress. By the end of the course you will have all that you require; from variables, conditional, and implementing unpretentious PHP scripts into your folio.

Intermediate PHP

Your desire is to progress from the basics! Right? Intermediate PHP is an advance of that it entails in the beginner PHP. You will learn what databases, SQL queries, and error handling. You don’t have to worry about these programming jargon as the intermediate PHP tutorial widely cover every aspect of these component.

WordPress Theme development

Although this is one of the component of WordPress development module, theme development can be learned as a single component. However the course is not 100% PHP but you will understand how to handle WordPress PHP documents and code building.

As an aspiring developers, learning from the basics to the most advance tutorial not enlighten you of what is expected of you but also make your leaning smooth. WordPress PHP tutorial from Treehouse are the best for a beginner learner.