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Microsoft’s Windows Media Creator is the tool you need to download and install any latest update of Windows, but you may get an error message “0x8007001f – 0x20006” during the installation process. When this happens, the installation process is stalled which may lead to some further glitches such as not being able to update the operating system or any of the system applications or it may even cause any third-party applications on your PC to stop working. 

The Windows update error message “0x8007001f – 0x20006” is a system error at the Safe OS stage of installation. The Safe OS phase is an important phase where the system command to install all required updates is initiated.  The possible cause of this error includes poor internet connection and a broken system file during download. Fixing the defect causing this Windows update error isn’t hard to do. Resetting the Windows download and installation Update tool, deleting the Windows Update cache, running the update in a Clean Boot state, disabling the Firewall, and running the Windows Update trouble-shooter are possible ways of getting rid of the error message and restoring your PC to a perfect working condition. 

How to Fix Windows error ‘’0x8007001f – 0x20006’’

1. Troubleshoot Windows Update: Launch Windows update by pressing Windows logo key and R at the same time on your keyboard. When the setting application opens, locate update and security, and click troubleshooting. On the right pane, select Windows update and click Run Trouble-shooter. Follow the commands o complete troubleshooting and afterward check if the problem has been fixed.

2. Run Windows Update in a Clean Boot State: Launching Windows on your system in a clean boot state may help delete any defective system files and restore your computer to a perfect working mode. To achieve this, log into your PC as an administrator. Type MSConfig. in the boot search to open the system utility. Locate the ‘’Load boot items’’ and uncheck it. Also, look for ‘’Load system services’’ and ‘’use original boot configuration’’ options that they are checked or enabled. Locate the Services tab and check the box in front of Hide all Microsoft services and then click Disable all button follow by clicking OK.  After this, reboot your PC to put your computer in a clean boot state and run Windows update again. 

If this strategy resolves the error message, revert your PC to the normal state by reversing the steps you have taken to achieve a clean boot state if you configured Windows to use the normal boot procedure.

3. Clear the Windows Update Cache: Clearing the Windows Update Cache is another way to fix the Windows error message “0x8007001f – 0x20006” because damaged or incomplete Windows Update files can cause installation or downloading glitches when trying to update Windows. To clear the cache, delete the ‘’$Windows-WS’’ folders on your system. When done, run Windows update again and check if it fixes the error message. 

4. Temporarily Disable Antivirus and the Windows Firewall of your Computer: This measure may help fix the Windows error message because often, third-party applications on your computer such as antivirus software and even the inbuilt Windows Defender may trigger the Windows update error message. So, disabling these applications temporarily may help and afterward enable them once the problem has been resolved.